Review Missha BB Cream Perfect Cover #23

by - Selasa, Mei 15, 2012

I've been using Missha BB Cream for almost half a year now, and I'm quiet happy that among all BB Creams I've tried I never dealt with any kinds of breakout which some people got (based on their reviews) - hopefully not, and so far, I've been doing good using Missha BB Cream Perfect Cover #23, though I chose the wrong shade at the first time. I chose #21 where my skin tone should be #23 (read my previous review) (but truthfully I'm still curious to try shade #31- since it's recommended for dark skin tone like me, well next PO!), medium tan, very Indonesian. 

First of all, I'm a newbie into BB Cream, and not so many brands I've tried up until today. And even I love Missha so much for now, I still couldn't easily claim it's my holy grail BB Cream. Why? Since, I believe there will be so many better BB Creams out there I should try.

Why I love Missha BB Cream?

 Missha is cheap among other brands. The 20 ml package, in my opinion can be used approximately for 4 months as for me, (my first 30 ml Missha was spent after 5-6 months, till its last drop). 
 The texture isn't thick and less creamy compared to other mineral-based foundation/BB Cream, after using moisturizer it's easy to blend. Simply medium.
 It's good for daily use, it blends easily and fast after I apply it - since I only need 25 minutes to make up every morning.
 It gives dewy effect, but sometimes it looks oily, just need to be careful

Things I consider as (-) effects:

 The perfect cover statement, actually couldn't cover my large pores and blemishes perfectly. (See picture below).
 Though it blends well, after 4  hours the coverage will ruin and I feel like bare faced most of the time.
 'Anti-wrinkle' doesn't work significant as for me, well, I don't give too much attention since it's not the only cream I use to prevent wrinkles.
 Some people say it's good for summer, really? What kind of summer? I bet they haven't known about summer in Indonesia, definitely hot! This BB Cream only lasts for about 4 hours, really.  Under the sun shine, hot weather.. It just can't protect my face completely.

I could say that this cream is good for photo session according to the dewy effects it gives, don't you think? A good concealer? Nope. Not doing good to fix uneven color/face discoloration, since it's one of my problem.

My face is not too sensitive, so I'm actually doing fine by trying this and that cream. For now I will still choose Missha as a cream who understands my face regardless all of its negative points, I consider it as acceptable, while still seeking for other better BB Creams.

Thanks for reading.

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