Summer Hairstyle Braided and Bun (Long hair and Oblong Face)

by - Senin, Juli 09, 2012

My long hair
Summer Hairstyle Braided  and Bun (Long hair and Oblong Face). Hello everyone! Hope everything's good and you're enjoying what you're doing. Anyway, my mom just insisted me to change my hairstyle since she got bored the way I always do ponytail everywhere I go. She said I should try more hair styles. Well, actually I just want to cut my hair, lol, but I just don't have the guts, eh. So, okay, I was experimenting to find other hairstyle that fits me.

Yeah, I find that my face is a bit tricky and I couldn't just do any hairstyle just to satisfy my mom. I have oblong face, I don't have bangs, and since I used to experience hair loss due my hobby to dye my hair, duh, I have so many baby hair. So, one things that naturally my hair will look messy everywhere.

But well, at least I found several styles finally, please take a look and tell me what do you think.

1. Basic Braid
I start with this simple 2 braids on each side, why? When it's about summer, all I want is doing simple thing which not making me sweating a lot (it's quick yet showing how lazy I am). I just need to add cute ribbon and done!

2. Another French Braid
This one is my favorite, easy to make it, but I improved a bit just to match my so-not-sexy square forehead. 

3. Braid and Bun
When braid style can't beat the heat, then make it as a bun! I just love the messy effect cause it reflects summer perfectly.

4. Braided Ponytail
I told myself that I will look so much cuter with bangs but, can't be helped, I don't have and not even interest to get some bangs, so yeah.. sorry for not looking so cute.

5. Bun and Ribbon
I just need to hold my hair and lift it, just as simple as that.

6. Braided Bun
How can I hide my forehead? So I just show it off with this braided bun hairstyle. Hope it looks good on me :)

Well, guess that's all I've got for now, then what about you? How's your hairstyle for summer ?
Thanks for coming!

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4 komentar

  1. that bun and ribbon looks so complicated O__O
    Hahahahaha XD

  2. kyaaa, I always that ribbon thingy when my hair still long, but I don't need do that anymore, you know, my hair is short now
    really nice article dear,, love it
    *kiss kiss


  3. you look so beautiful XD Love your hair!


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