Watch Your Back

by - Kamis, November 13, 2014

I was crazily fall into backless thingies now, I'm addicted! Though you know, it's hard to actually wear it in this country regarding the social attentions, your bf fashion rules and of course, I never intend to burn my back during the midday. But I just can't help to immediately wear it once its finished.

Yes, actually I had this made for me, based on my personal design. We love mint a lot, as we love showing our hidden side as well. So this is what I did.

And the midi skirt. Never thought I would achieve pretty nice proportion with this length, but whether this is because my bf took the right angle or the skirt was actually did great job, I love this outfit after all. Hahaha.

White tank-top : brandless
Mint cardigan : modimelodi
White skirt : brandless
Bag : Michael Kors
Shoes : Nine West

See you!

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5 komentar

  1. Love pieces in your closet that can be styled plenty of ways :) The second look is my fave though, just because I am so into feminine looks!

    Checking your look from the linkup. I hope you can swing by my blog too, or connect on social media if you want? Either way, I'd love to hear from you. xo


  2. Love the colour combo!

  3. Wow interesting top! Love the title too haha <3 Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, always returning the support!

  4. Can't believe you had this made for you! It looks so lovely, and as you know I love mint hahaa. Looking gorgeous in this outfit :) x
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