Review BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream

by - Kamis, Februari 09, 2012

Today I will have myself standing among so many other reviewers who have claimed that BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream is really a superb BB Cream we've ever tried! Yes, yes, it really does. It does so many perfections among other BB Creams I've used so far.
Too bad, why I took a long time to finally got a chance to try this, and.. realize it :( But, oh well, better late than never. So, here's my review..

As usual, I always bought the sachet size first every time I wanted to try a new brand of BB Cream to avoid risks it breaks my skin. The sachet came with a simple square design, with dark purple color (similar with its big version) as the base color.

The texture is semi-liquid, not too thick. Easy to blend, I only used few drops to cover my entire face and guess what? Yes.. It worked on covering some of blemishes, *shy* also some of my pimples, *bad face alert*

I could say that the color is a bit lighter than my skin tone, but it was blended nicely with my skin color after several minutes and I can't say nothing but admire it to the max. Was I too hyperbole at this point?

Usually I'm doing bad with flash camera because my face will look sooo light while the rest of my body is darker, ugh. But this one came with a great result.

The coverage was awesome after several hours - including indoor and outdoor occasion. My oily skin didn't experience any break out and I didn't blot too often (or sometimes I didn't do any).

It gave me dewy effect, but since I have oily face, I tried to make a matte finishing by using powder and only created dewy effect for special occasions. 

Rate? 4 out of 5, and I will definitely buy the full size in the future!

Thanks for reading and see you!

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