Friday Means Batik

by - Jumat, September 06, 2013

Happy September, every one. 
Some Indonesian companies really require its employees to wear batik-pattern clothes on Friday, but since my office doesn't apply such rule, it's pretty sad that I don't have enough collection of batik dress. Do you have batik cloth? If you don't, you should try to buy one, you're gonna love it!

This dress was a present, however it didn't fit me well. The person who gave me this thought she had the same taste just like me, but.. I exactly didn't think that way. In the end, I needed to alter the dress, which unbelievably too a week before I could wear it properly. It used to has long sleeves and the length was below my knees-almost midi, I look so short.

But, the alteration worked like magic instead, now I think it's really a good (mini) dress.

The shoes also were another gift, not exactly a gift. My auntie bought this but unfortunately once we got home, she realized that the size was too small for her (36) and she.. unwillingly gave these to me.

See you on next post. Have a nice day!

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3 komentar

  1. That's a nice pattern on the dress :) I think it's very interesting that some of the companies in your culture require their employees to wear that pattern on Fridays. A policy like that would be rare to find in the USA :)

    1. Yes, Batik is unique and artistic, perhaps you want to buy one someday :)

  2. The man wearing batik looks great and makes me self confidence. I Love Batik :)


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