Situ Patengan Lake (Danau Situ Patenggang) : Usual yet Beautiful

by - Senin, September 30, 2013

Some reviews on tripadvisor wrote this lake as a usual one; not that attractive, dull and dirty while some of them wrote this as a just family lake. Wow, what a disappointment, cause on my last visit to this lake -on weekday, where there wasn't so many visitors and not so high prices offered- I enjoyed my 3 hours sightseeing on this cloudy and full of mythical lake.

A short description about the meaning of Situ Patengan on the entrance gate
Located in Ciwidey, South Bandung, around 1,600 m above sea level, it has a very romantic story which resemblances the name itself; Situ means lake in Sundanese language and Patengan was taken from pateang-teangan, also Sundanese, means look for.

Short description about Batu Cinta on Pulau Sasaka
Local people believe in a romantic tale regarding the history of this lake: A love story between a king's son, titled putra prabu and a goddes who lives as a human, ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis respectively. They fell in love each other but unfortunately they had to apart for so long time. For how great was their love, they kept searching one another until finally met up in a place called Batu Cinta or "Rock of Love". Dewi Rengganis, the goddes, then asked ki Santang to make her a lake and a boat for them sailing together.

Now, the boat is believed to become an island named Pulau Asmara/Pulau Sasaka or Sasaka Island/Romance Island. Based on this story, whoever come to this sacred 'Rock of Love' and sail surround the island will gain a true love. Will you believe it?
The available for rent boats
As I remember the entrance ticket was quiet affordable, only IDR 6,000+, parking fee around IDR 2,000+, in total you just need to prepare each $2 to get in. There we can hire a boat to sail along the lake and enjoy the scenery. It was quiet and not so many visitors at that time which made me didn't meet partners to sail with, beside my bf. Usually the boat can carry up to 10 persons with price IDR 150,000/boat. Since we were only 2, we afterall had to rent the boat and paid for IDR 75,000, lol! But, well, thanks for the privacy.

So many available boats!
It was drizzling along my way to pulau Sasaka and to reach Batu Cinta, so I couldn't get brighter pictures. All the things you saw are those that got edited and the maximum results I could achieve from my all-foggy-and-cloudy pictures. There wasn't any special thing on Batu Cinta physically, just a rock, in fact. I once tried to reach and sat on it, but it was too slippery and I didn't want to fall into the lake, that would be so embarrassing. So I gathered all my consciousness only just for taking its pictures.

The legend, Batu Cinta or Rock of Love
Well, I don't really believe in folktales, in Sasaka island we only took our time to feel the fresh air, listen to the drip of water, the local people and cultures, took so many pictures, since I would see it crowded on weekend. I personally wanted to capture the loneliness feeling, the more of the nature and also the relaxing moment from the start I arrived. There were stalls for you to enjoy hot tea or coffee, roasted corn along with Bandung specialties drinks: bandrek and sekoteng, a ginger thing to warm you, although the temperature wasn't that cold, around 17-23 C.

Maybe some of the reviews about how dull is this local attraction was half right, but what's to blame, this is nature, we just want to keep it wild yet enjoyable. The area is about 150 ha mostly dominated by lake and forest.

I'm not really sure whether we can swim in it. This lake is said to be a habitat for tilapia, carp, and silver barb (tawes fish). Can we fish them??

There are some gazebo- a small hut to take a rest or just sit while searching for another good spot to do photo hunting, or if you were with a group of people you can just take your time to open your lunchbox while chitchatting. Talk about lunchbox? yes, I rare to see small stalls selling food, means that would be difficult for you to satisfy your tummy. I even already bought some snacks outside. But no worries, you can find so many sellers providing fresh fruits and souvenirs.

Small gazebo, there!
How to get there

It is 50 km from Bandung city, heading to the south, to Patengan village, Rancabali district, Bandung regency. Ah, yeah, have I mentioned I really enjoyed the tea plantation along the road.

tea plantation to Situ Patengan
I would love to visit here again next time, maybe bringing more friends and more family members, to get cheaper price to rent the boat, lol!

See you on my next post!

Situ Patenggang
Situ Patengan; Legenda Batu Cinta di Tengah Danau

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  1. beautiful place!! :)
    sedikit sedih, legenda batu cinta g selamat dr tangan jahil :(

    1. Iya nih, banyak tindakan vandalisme
      makasih kunjungannya :)

  2. aku selalu kelepek2 melihat land mark Indoensia yang sebenarnya sangatlah indah dan terkadang tidak kita sadari, seperti rentetan gambar di postingan ini :)

  3. Waw cantik-cantik yaaa, aku belum pernah ke sana, jadi pengen juga ke sana, tapi kabarnya banyak orang buang sampah sembarangan ya? Betul gak sih?

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