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by - Selasa, Mei 13, 2014

I think every female may agree that having a private me-time; spoiling yourself with a 5-rate treatment in a luxury spa is the best thing you're longing for after busy weekdays - where you've spent many hours working crazily, battling the traffic, struggling for deadlines and idling from shopping cause your mind is already too hectic for what other Michael Kors you would buy. lol.

And yes I've done it. Last weekend, due my winning-trip granted from Resorts World Sentosa (RSW), I flew to Singapore with my favorite duo bloggers, Adam and Susan from PergiDulu and surprisingly I found this written on my itinerary: love yourself! A treatment at ESPA. I feel like: seriously?! So.. I'm going to Singapore only for doing a spa? Gosh, that was just too good to be true lol, I even don't know how to tell my friends later; I went to Singapore, did a 90 minutes journey for a spa treatment, and yeah.. Here I'm back again. Wow! Do I sound too much bragging? *cough.

Susan of PergiDulu at the receptionist desk.
Located at the opposite of Equarius Hotel, Resorts Wold Sentosa, Singapore, ESPA is a 10,000 m square luxury spa which had opened since July 6 2012. Entering the building I could feel the refreshing and soothing ambiance, the luxury of its interior amazed me whether I should take out my camera. But I decided to take the pictures, anyway. Exactly! This is a place you wouldn't see everyday.

We were kindly greeted by the receptionists and after some moments submitting our form while enjoying a glass of fresh cold aloe vera extract, a lady directed us to the changing room where female and male would have separated area. The coolest thing is she said that we'd have a hammam ritual, an authentic Turkish bathing style. Susan and Adam would have it first on 2.45 pm while my turn would be on 4 pm. Luckily, while waiting, I'm allowed to explore all the facilities, since I'm a hotel guest too at RSW. Yay, wouldn't miss this.

The corridor
Heading to the changing room, we walked through an open corridor surrounding by trees. We put our bag and clothes in a locker (using 4 digit number to lock and reopen it) and immediately wore our swimwear, took a towel, bathing kimono and brown slippers. Felt so great!

Try to use my spare time wisely I entered Indoor Heat experiences. It is recommended to take shower before and after using the sauna/steam room. And here they have Ice Fountain and Experience Showers. It's a small open cubicle where the water will shower us from every direction. Superb! The temperature of the water varies from cold to hot, I found myself comfortable being here. Once you're done with shower, you can grab some cube ice and place it on your skin (especially the neck area) - it will relax our body after the heat experience.

Next I jumped into the Crystal Steam Room, with 42-46 deg Celsius room temperature, the steam comes out from the crystal rock placed in every corner of the mosaic wall. It's important to know you aren't having some health problems such heart conditions, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, high/low blood pressure before enter the heat experiences area.
Crystal Steam Room - ESPA, RSW
Pregnant women are prohibited to use the area along with people who's taking medication or under alcohol influence. And, to remind you, don't forget to remove all jewelries to avoid burns and also do not shave before using this area.

The rock sauna was pretty cool, the higher seat you sit on, the hotter it feels. Too bad I didn't experience it myself, I kept sitting on lowest seat. Inside the  80-100 deg C sauna room, we are facing the outdoor pools surrounded by green plants, which was calming. Sorry, bad angle picture - I didn't dare to bring my camera inside the heat area. Anyway, please limit yourself for spending only 10 minutes sauna/steam room, just for safe.

Rock sauna - ESPA, RSW
Finished the heat experience I walked out to the Outdoors Pools. They have Vitality pool (warm/hot water), Cold plunge pool (obviously cold water), Forest Onsen-style pool (mixed gender pool, hot water). Since there was no people at that time, I felt like being in my own private pool.

Cold plunge pool - ESPA, RSW
Vitality pool - ESPA, RSW
Forest Onsen-style pool - ESPA, RSW
Still 5 minutes left until my Hammam massage. I decided to wait at the Tea Lounge, where you can sip a glass of fresh lemon twist; cleanse and revitalize our body.

The Tea Lounge - ESPA, RSW
Lemon Twist!
Funny things, you can directly see the onsen from the tea lounge but people out there wouldn't be able to observe you. Just a minute before my turn for Hammam, I met Adam and Susan who had just finished theirs and looked so refreshed. I wonder...

The clock ticked at 4 PM, I walked into a changing room with parquet-like walls and mosaic stone seat. The therapist greeted me with  a mint drink to cool me down, explaining the kinds of mineral she would use to massage me: black olive oil, mud mask, also asked for my agreement for using scrubbing gloves. I then replaced my swimwear into a thin white sarong, entering another marvelous room.

Changing room
I was so mesmerized with the interior of the massage room. The therapist then asked me to lay facing down on the marble slab covered with a white thin sheet. What's next? She started splashing me with hot water (although she has asked me whether I'm okay with the heat level, I still found it surprising every time she poured me with water).

There was a time I felt like being covered with a bunch of foam. Trying to get to know where it came from, I secretly observed the way she created the foam and found that it was pretty unique. So she has like cotton bag, dipped it into the foam water, stretching the bag, turning around (yeah, she really did) and directly pulling it to let foam comes out and poured my body. I smiled and whispered: cool! 

The ritual continued with scrubbing and massaging using the minerals she had mentioned before. Unexpectedly the hammam also contains shampoo-ing my hair too! What a complete offer. I'm so gonna love this massage style. 

Steam room. Steamy enough, isn't it?
After another minutes of splashing water, she asked me to enter the steam room for about 15 minutes while serving me with a cold mineral water and cold towel. Really never want it to end but I have to end this hammam with rinsing myself and dress up reluctantly. Last thing before goodbye, the therapist kindly advised me to always applying lotion after taking bath -yes, been too lazy these days. HAHA!

Final thing, she served with me a strawberry sorbet which tasted heavenly awesome! The result was I felt so sleepy but along with refreshed and recharged body which is good (even my hair looks good and healthy)!

Strawberry sorbet - ESPA, RSW
Well, in fact, for this luxury and high-class treatment, we have to pay some quiet pricey amounts if RSW didn't let me have this for free. You can check the price list HERE, by the way. Try to break-down mine, this is the price of my treatment above

  • Day Spa Facility Pass (Hotel guest only) --- S$  100
  • Softening Hammam Ritual (45 mins) --- S$ 175
Wow! It's nearly 2,6 million rupiahs worth! Thanks a lot Resorts World Sentosa :)

Well, In fact, dear ladies, now I realize that having a luxury spa treatment for once in a while is a must; loving yourself, caring yourself, and importantly, this is a moment you can always share with your beloved one.
Yes, it's time for a we-time. 

Do I put the right word, by the way? 

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  1. Wuih... nyaman banget ya tempatnya. Gak sia-sia deh jalan-jalan ke sana. Bisikin harganya dong, kalo bayarnya berapa? Hihihi.... kayak yang mau ke sana aja. TFS, Noniq. ^^

  2. wuiihhh such a great me time makk

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