Review: Wardah Everyday Luminous Face Powder (Beige Shade)

by - Senin, Oktober 20, 2014

Having an acne-prone and oily skin type makes me tend to choose face powder rather than compact or two way cake powder for accompanying my daily activities- though, in fact I never restrict myself applying one of them once I found that my skin hasn't been so sensitive lately. But face powder always in my top priority when I have to pick among those three, using either compact or two way cake powder in a frequent way within long period often make my skin looks dull- somehow, and poor my big pores, it couldn't breathe freely knowing that I'm staying in fully air-con room every single day.

So what to pick when I'm running out of my powder this month? I've been a 3W Clinic Proffessional user up until now, but this products is lately hard to be found in Indonesia without proper (online) order, I have to make a pre-order which force me to wait around 2 months and it's sickening me. Guess, why don't give an original Indonesian product a go? Yes, just as the title says: I have a face powder from Wardah brand (which I've been addicted to for these 2 years) ready to be reviewed.


Still with their bluish-green color identity, the wrapper comes so much alike the other Wardah make up products. Ensure all the buyers with the halal sign on the box, Wardah just never fails you that their products are fully certified; safe and doesn't contain any harm chemicals. The box also provides expiry date (around 3 years), ingredients, and manufacture location.

Basically they have 4 variant shades, but I chose number 2: Beige shade, cause, I thought it would match my skin tone -I was just guessing back then at the store since the beautician only gave me 2 choices: light beige or beige, lol -didn't have too many choices.

Nothing special with the rounded powder packaging, it's made of plastic which I'm not sure about its durability, some reviews also wrote this jar cracked easily, guess need to be more careful.

It comes with a sponge which I would never use it, it's not that fluff and flexible enough to make me fall in love, I'd rather to use my proper cotton which I can just throw it every time I've used it.

The beige shade turns out a little bit red, well, my certainty that it would match my tone raised like about 90%.

Surprisingly the texture is really soft! It's absorbed pretty quick onto my skin, and blend well with my skin. Sure, you may notice that the powder looks too light on my skin, but...

After I evenly smoothed, it almost matches my skin tone, I felt so grateful, I thought I would stick with this product.


I'm using this after applying my sunblock, which is Wardah Sunscreen Gel Spf 30, wait for about 2 minutes and I would apply the powder, dab it with my cotton, and that's all how I got my matte make up finishing.

So overall, I'm quiet satisfy with this product, along with this conclusion:

1. Affordable, only IDR 30k ~ US$3, compared to my 3W Clinic Proffessional
2. The beige shade matches mine so well, I love it. With use only sunscreen, it doesn't do any good coverage other than my large pores, but pretty much acceptable.
3. Nice matte finishing.
4. No breakout, so far (4 months?). Love it.

1. Oil control only lasts not more than 3 hours, moreover in this tropical country, I get oily easily. But, not a big deal, turns out that when I wear foundation, it glows beautifully instead ^^
2. The jar looks so fragile and I don't find the filter works effectively, I've decided to just removed it. Well, it is pretty easy to open the jar makes it not suitable to be your travel partner, I'd keep my eye on it whenever I put in inside my bag, and when it rolls I bet it would spill all over. I won't try it.
3. Powder puff isn't really well-made, I don't use it, actually never.

Conclusion: I love this powder, but not its packaging. The only reason why I would buy this for the second time, of course because its performance, not the packaging.

Rate : 3/5

See you!

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2 komentar

  1. Have this as my daily powder and it's blend with my skin tone.

  2. saya juga mau belii nih sis, hehe
    face powder ini juga kan bagus utk kulit yg berjerawat nih, sama yg sdang dialami saya, biar nggak terlalu ngebebanin kulit.


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