Stripped Dress by Kumickey

by - Rabu, Oktober 01, 2014

Last July my writing about my recent Singapore's trip won a blog competition which surprised me lot! Cause I didn't even think it would touch the judges heart - yeah, as usual, long and boring sentences with bunch of pictures collection which get you tired just looking at them each. But, praise The Lord, I won the 2nd place for best writing and beside getting a fresh cash, I also receive a dress from Kumickey shop, one of the sponsor.

At first, I thought the dress would be bigger and wasn't going to fit my petite size, I almost got disappointed by the length and how not too curvy the dress is, compared to my own one, it took so long for me before decided to wear this eventually.

And guess what? 
Once I wear, it fits me like.. Wow! The garment (probably using transparent chiffon) is soft and it waves beautifully by the wind. Haha! Love the lace a lot and the design overall.

Check their shop for more collections: HERE

See you!

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  1. Such a super cute dress! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, always returning the support <3


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