by - Sabtu, Januari 07, 2012

I never think that life is always too short. Everyone is given with a right amount of time to spend, perfect chances to use and lovely people to share everything with. The 'too short' feeling comes when we realize that we weren't using the time like it's meant to be and finally leads to infinite regrets. 
Here I'm trying to learn how to be a wise person who want to treasure and appreciate every second of it. 

I was thinking if blogging would be a good tool for me exploring my life, catch the details I've missed by write everything onto here. I used to have diaries since I was 5 and stopped writing once I graduated from highschool (writing some during college until I totally quit due my limited time and my lack of time-management skill). 

Glad, I'm not the only one who have neglected this 'writing diary' habit, because I'm totally sure that some people are also thinking that it might be quiet troublesome for exclusively saving hours to write a diary. Tracking back all your activities before you sleep requires more energy moreover when you're too tired to remember everything at night which make you finally end up sleeping leaving the page empty but the snore sound. 

We're already into technologies that we can use anywhere, anytime, so why can't I become one of them? Learning is free as long as you have the will, and blogging needs a passion where I'm still searching for it.To be a good blogger is one of the purposes, the main thing is how I can be a better person in the next years forward by writing my daily life.

Life is just too beautiful.

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  1. Hi Noniq! I know you're new at this but I'm excited to read your upcoming posts! You seem to write well and trust me, you will only become better!


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