Review Etude BB Cream Precious Mineral ~ All Day Strong ~ Sheer Glowing Skin

by - Jumat, Januari 13, 2012

Review Etude BB Cream Precious Mineral All Day Strong Sheer Glowing Skin. As I've written on my previous post that one of my big influences about BB Cream is from my cousin, since she has just opened her online store selling all those Korean Make-Ups, few months ago she came bringing her remaining BB Creams intended to sell those to me. Well, it was Etude, not one of my favorite tho, but well, why not trying, since she offered me the sachet version so I can use it 1 or 2 days before I decide to buy the big size.

When I said 'not my favorite', it was because I read some previous reviews saying that Etude BB Cream isn't the famous one with the coverage and it often causes broke-up to some faces. I just couldn't imagine what would it do to my sensitive face? So, well, it's already on my hand so I've no reason to skip using it. 

nb: My mom has used it before me, but she also said that this BB Cream didn't suit her best, so I was so curious to try it with my own.

What does the advertisement say ?

Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong promotes silky complexion and brightened look with pearl infused sheer coverage. Improved SPF protection with hypoallergenic and oil-free formula. 

SPF30 / PA++ UV protection

Anti-Wrinkle & Whitening Properties

Anti-Darkening Properties  
Available in:

1 Sheer Silky Skin

2 Sheer Glowing Skin

3 Sheer Flawless Skin 
Also available in 4 Sheer Shiny Skin - See below!
Net Wt. 60g (2.11 oz.) 
My Story

My cousin told me that this BB Cream is best for night-using due the blinking glitter in this cream. I also quiet impressed when I first used this cream for the first time, my bf who directly saw my face said 'what's the glittery things on your face?' I didn't notice it before I took my mirror and saw it. It's really cute I like it. 

I'm not telling you about the real packaging but the sachet one since I only bought the sachet for several days trial only. The sachet is also lovely, the shape is flower-like with cost only IDR 5,000/sachet. Expensive! Hahahaha...

So the cream is really smooth but it's way lighter than my skin-color, I really hoped that it will fit me, LOL. 
Etude BB Cream Precious Mineral ~ All Day Strong ~ Sheer Glowing Skin gave a great effect, cover my blemishes and lighten my skin color. It looks like a mask in the beginning, but trust me, it will blend with your original skin color and I look so natural aside with the glowing effects.

I don't have any problems with this BB Cream, no break-up also not cakey finishing. So far I love this, but sadly that I don't often go to a night party so I seldom use this cream. It's silly to use this at noon right?

My Rate
3,5 out of 5 
Great! But, maybe will take some time to buy it again :) still have so many BB Creams products on the list.

Enjoy, see you!

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