Review Mbok Berek Ny. Umi Dr.Soepomo Jakarta Selatan

by - Jumat, Maret 16, 2012

Review Mbok Berek Ny. Umi Dr.Soepomo Jakarta Selatan
Main menu at Mbok Berek  Ny. Umi
Yesterday, I went to Jakarta with my boss to attend a meeting with one of our clients who directly came from Medan. We agreed to meet at Mbok Berek restaurant at Soepomo, I don't know why my boss chose this place, but based on his opinion, this restaurant has been famous with its Indonesian Fried Chicken, or we can say Ayam Goreng Kremes.

Once I entered the building, I was simply excited the surroundings and their Javanese theme decoration, you will see wood-carving dining tables with Batik-pattern tablecloth on each of them, also with Gamelan music as the background music. Too bad that I couldn't take any picture, since I was with my boss, lol, we weren't about to have a short trip, anyway.

We decided to take a seat near the entrance to feel the fresh wind due the heat, the waitress who was cleaning all the tables didn't give a nice recommendation for where should we sit. She simply answered 'Just choose the empty table, you can sit anywhere freely,' Eh?? I mean, I know we can just simply pick our seat but, couldn't she give us a nicer attitude ?

Okay, forget it, so let's continue to the main course, the waitress who served us suggested me to order Nasi Rames Spesial, as their very best menu for 1 person and I was too curious so I followed her advice.

The service took for a while, my boss were tired to wait any longer (he felt it's been a year for them preparing our orders). He simply said 'why so long?' as our dishes came, I just replied him with a slight smile when heard that. 

Overall, it was a pleasant to have a chance eating there, although I have several points regarding my experience so I decided to make a review about this restaurant. So here it  is:

Mbok berek Ny.Umi, with its motto :Ayam Desa Masuk Kota
Jl.Prof.Dr.Soepomo No. 14, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12870

Menu I ordered: 
  • Nasi Rames Spesial Includes rice, ayam kremes, lalapan and gudeg, it tastes yummy. I didn't taste the sambal, but I think it's delicious too. I like salty things, and the salty point for this menu in total is : awesome and match my taste.
  • Hot Orange Simply, fresh and tasty.
  • Otak-otak better than Ampera's, love their otak-otak. As this is one of my favorite food.

  • Longgggg and I was bored waiting for my order. Some of waiters weren't skillful enough to catch the customers' code when they were about requesting additional order. Also, I didn't see some waiters who stand-by so we can call them when we need something.
So, regardless the long and unskillful service, I was satisfied with their food, and I will visit them again during my free time, not during office hour. Truly, this restaurant isn't a good option for a meeting place like I did also not a good place if you're in a hurry with hungry feeling.

Once you have free time, patient enough to wait eating this delicious food. Just visit this restaurant.

See you!

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  1. Duh... jadi lapar... T__T Enak lho mbok berek.... :9
    Btw, kayaknya dulu pernah post tulisan ini ya? Sedang ke jakarta lagi kah? CMIIW :p

  2. Halo, halo.. Iya maaf, ini re-publish beberapa post, karena yang kemarin pindah blog jadi import semua tulisannya taunya jadi draft dan harus di republish lagi .... Hehe makasih ^^

    1. Oh, begitu... ^^
      Aduh, jadi laper baru makan roti doang tadi... aku emang ga tahan liat postingan tentang kuliner, haha... Jadi pengen buru2 makan siang...

    2. Wah jadi tergoda buat bikin postingan makanan nih abis gini..... Hohoho


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