Review Ponds Flawless White Re-Brightening Night Treatment

by - Rabu, Maret 14, 2012

This time I want to finally publish my delayed post sharing about my night cream which I have had used for about 3 months last year (not anymore, well you can see  the result after read it), it's Pond's Flaweless White: Re-brightening Night Treatment, as you can see the image beside this text. I bought it randomly when I was hanging out with my mother and my cousin at Kings Fashion Store, Bandung. I was confused and hardly thinking about what should I use for my night treatment and my cousin suggested me this product since she has used it and found it suited her face well.

She offered me to use her cream before I decided to buy for my own, but I just smiled and answered 'It's fine, I'd buy one' so I bought it for about Rp. 70.000,00 or something (kinda forget the exact price).
I didn't look at it specifically detailed, but well if you ask me about its appearance and packaging, overall it's good, so feminine and cute - my main concern it the cream itself lol.

About the cream:
I've thrown away the packaging box so I didn't see the ingredients or whatever (sorry!). The cream itself is really soft and not that smelly, I really like it. I used it every night after washing and clean my face before I went to sleep. I put the cream all over my face including around my eyes area. 

My mom always say that I shouldn't put many cream around my eyes, but I still put it since I'm trying hard to get rid of these dark circles around my eyes, this is so not recommended :)

I found several satisfaction from using this product and how I was in love with this product so much:
1) When I woke up in the morning, I looked so fresh and my face becomes so glowy and more brighten.
2) My wrinkles around my eyes are slowly reducing and becomes smooth. Should I call it miracles?
3) Yes, my overall face becomes smooth and it makes me like to smile all the time.

But, why I won't purchase it anymore?
Although, I could say that this cream is really good, but this is meant to be used by teens and I'm not a teenager anymore. I'd rather to use Pond's Age Miracle (which I've bought to replace this cream and I will soon write my review about this). It gave very nice results but it didn't help me with my large pores and it's not that effective to keep my 'old' face skin from aging, dark spots and acne scars *uuhhhh*. 

Oh, no I'm 20 something already so, yeah, should find more mature thingies to treat my skin.

I give 3 out of 5 for Pond's Flaweless White: Re-brightening Night Treatment, because I was quiet satisfied with the outcome, it's just I'm not going to use it forever since it's just... medium? The brightening thing is in medium level and not too significant (or perhaps I'm just too fast making a conclusion when I've only used for about 3 months? But 3 months is already something right?).

Or because I simply didn't use all the products which may cause it wouldn't be effective, I take note for that :)

Thank you for reading :)

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