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by - Kamis, Maret 29, 2012

Kawah Putih

Finally, last week I succeeded visiting Kawah Putih (english translation: White Crater) for the first time in my life! I've been living in Bandung for more than 5 years, but I had never visited this beautiful place until last week. My friends had so many times asked me to visit there, but chances weren't mine until my bf who extremely forced me, *blush. Well, thanks to him because he kindly managed a time to take me there (after hundred times I whimpered at him though), and yes, I was so damn happy! 

Kawah PutihKawah Putih is located around 50 km south of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia and is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha, an andesitic stratovolcano (a "composite" volcano) (Source: wikipedia).

Yes, it's near the mountain, so I can really feel the cold weather along the way. It was refreshing to see the scenery. Fresh and green trees; so many rice field. How I love suburbs!

For me who used to live in a pollutant city, crowded by people, got stuck by cars every day and night, seeing this kind of view is heavenly grace and I really mean it.

Anyway, I'm not a good photographer, so I couldn't take the right angle. But trust me, just see it yourself and it's really beautiful. Even more.

We left from Bandung around 9.30 AM and reached there around 11.30 AM (2 hours travel, but it was worth, I enjoyed the scenery and the fresh air so much). It was lucky for us there was no traffic jam, bf told me that it's possible for us to reach Kawah Putih within 4 hours if we got stuck by the traffic. Praise The Lord!

Kawah Putih
Me & BF
The entrance ticket was quiet cheap and affordable, it was Rp. 15,000 (around US$ 1.5)/person, and there was no limited time for how long you'll be at the location - but it's recommended for each visitor to return before 5 PM, since Kawah Putih is still counted as a part of volcanic mountain.

Once we got there, I saw so many visitors since, yes, it was weekend, and people from the capital (Jakarta) also visited there to spend the day. Well, I didn't get the chance to take a picture at the main gate, since so many teenagers there- and I'm no longer one! *cough*. So we just took pictures when there was no crowd people around us.

Kawah Putih
Long way to reach crater
Okay, once we were about to enter the crater area, the smell of sulfur was strong and everywhere, glad I could handle it, but I had to let my bf wearing his mask  since it made him feel not so comfortable, including when we took pictures. I was so understanding, I didn't want to ruin our day.

You could see at the picture that there was a longggg stairs heading to the main crater and we must walk through it. Although it looked tiring, we were having fun while enjoying the environment around the crater.

And, finally! Kawah Putih! Kawah Putih... Wow.. Was I overexcited? Seriously it was really cool...  It was beyond my imagination, it looked like a giant lake and I felt like want to jump and swim in it (BF : 'you can't do that, hun' - Me : 'huh! *pout*').
Ps : it's really beautiful in reality.

Only few stairs to go heading to the crater! And just look at this, TADAAAA !!!

Kawah Putih

Too bad, once I again I'm telling you that I'm not a good photographer so I couldn't explore the right angle, but trust me, I took so effort to capture this (considering how short I am...). It looked like we're at the beach, didn't it?

Kawah Putih
The nicest point was, we could stand near the crater, but just be careful of your safety, because there weren't special guards around the area to save people who, maybe slipped or sunk (?)- though as far my observation, I didn't see any. 

We took a lot of pictures near the crater, but sorry, I'm just too shy to show it off here. The sulfur water color looked bluish-white or I could just say milky, just like mineral water but not that clear/transparent.

Kawah Putih
BF forbid me to place a hand or even step near the water, also I mustn't touch the water with my shoes, due to the hot temperature and the sulfur smell. Actually, I could feel the hot weather brought by the sun, so it wasn't so cold here.

From the picture you can see that sometimes, the sky was clear enough I could see all the scenery well, but there were times we were surrounded by fog, and everything was just ... fog, nothing else.

Kawah Putih
It looked like a snowy place, don't you think? But it wasn't.
Kawah Putih
Oopss.. self-cam time!
There was no special tourist guide who would explain us about this object, too bad, since I really wanted to know about the history of this place, its unique and.. everything, also BF was actually excited to learn new things about this, what's inside the crater, how was the genesis, well at least, we expected there would be a published book that will literally told us the information instead we had to open the wikipedia along our trip. Right?

As I remember, there was only a man's voice from a big speaker from somewhere (I couldn't locate where was the speaker, but I could hear it, though it wasn't too clear) talking from the microphone explaining about this and that directed to ALL visitors.

Kawah Putih

So far, I love visiting Kawah Putih, it was a beautiful place, but there was still not enough facilities provided; like cottage or just a restaurant - people I saw there was doing picnic-type, under the trees enjoying their meals - but there was no special point where we should spread the mat.

The souvenirs weren't various, I only found sulfur powder that can be used as a health therapy costed around Rp 10,000/pack (around ~US$ 1) and dragon root that claimed could cure diabetes costed Rp. 40,000/pack (around ~US$ 4). I expected there will be an icon for Kawah Putih, cute merchandises or simply shirt, hm... (Maybe later I will post about this special sulfur powder ^^). But really, really, I encourage you guys to visit here once in your lifetime, and I hope the government will pay more attention how to develop this lovely place.

And as the closing picture, is my very favorite picture... Nope, it's not a pre-wedding picture, LOL! It's still hundred years faraway!

Kawah Putih

Felt like we're in winter season. Awww~~~~ drooling 

So that's it for my travel story, sorry for the very long post because I really had some fun and every moment I got there was definitely precious and I would like to treasure each of it. I hope you enjoy reading it and got excited to visit this place someday, though I'm sure I'm not a good at persuading people, *chuckle.

Thanks for coming! See you.

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  1. wah bagus ya tempatnya.. waktu tahun lalu ke bandung ga sempat ke kawah putih cuman jalan2 kuliner aja :(
    semoga bisa menang kontesnya ^^


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