Review: Dodora Lip and Nipple Pigment Lightening Essence

by - Kamis, April 12, 2012

Dodora Lip and Nipple Pigment Lightening Essence

Hello everyone, today I would like to give my (final) review for Dodora Lip and Nipple Essencejust like the title, which I bought last year from my very first online store and have been using it until its last drop. Come to think of it, this product is the first product I bought through online (yes, I was kinda late with online shopping, please excuse me). I did so many researches to find trusted sellers at that time and spent 2 days before finally made my decision which store I would buy this product from.

Why I bought this product? Because I was attracted with its commercial telling me that it would redden our lips permanently, and I was crazily searching for this kind of essence at that time - and I fell for it immediately, I thought, 'wow I find a fast and quick method to redden my lips without I have to use honey mask every night'.

At that time the price was around Rp. 75,000.00 ~ US$ 7.5. And this is the advertorial words :
DoDoRa Pink Lips Nipples Pigment Lightening Moisturized Youthful Essence Cream Content: 
  • 15ml Quality Guaranteed 
  • 100% Made in Taiwan 
  • Multi-purpose lightening essence by DoDoRa 
  • Able to lighten and brighten dark & dull areas like the nipples, 
  • groin and lips with prolonged usage 
  • Prevent dryness and chapped lips 
How To Use:
Just need to apply the cream on the areas that you want to lighten and brighten up till it is fully absorbed Can be used daily after shower

Now let's see the packaging:
Dodora Lip and Nipple Pigment Lightening Essence
The pink hexagonal box is just really cute with picture of a girl posing like Marilyn Monroe, that's why I really couldn't just throw it away... I really want to keep it. Ha!

Dodora Lip and Nipple Pigment Lightening Essence
The right side is displaying the ingredients:
  • F21 28.1%
  • Arbutin 0.2%
  • Elestin 1.6%
  • Collagen 1.5%
  • Hyaluronic Acid 1.2%
  • D. Water 89.91%
  • Fruit Acids 1.8%
  • Cetyl Isooctanoate 0.7%
  • Squalane 0.3%
  • Peach Extract 0.4%
  • Propylparaben 0.16%
  • Methylparaben 0.13%
Dodora Lip and Nipple Pigment Lightening EssenceAnd why the ingredients looks so unnatural ???? Well, I'm not a chemist expert, maybe next time I will try to learn each ingredients so I would know the side effects, if it's needed and considered may give significant impacts.

Other than that, we also have a guide sheet.. in Chinese. Sorry guys, I couldn't read it so I really don't know what it says.. 

Dodora Lip and Nipple Pigment Lightening Essence

Now it's the lip tube itself, the front cover is the first picture of this post so I assume you've already seen it, the overall packaging is just like the other lipbalm packaging, and the wrap cover is just similar with the box image. While the back side is describing the cautions and the storage.
Dodora Lip and Nipple Pigment Lightening Essence

Now let's get inside and I will tell you about how the real Dodora lip looks. Please see the picture below:
Dodora Lip and Nipple Pigment Lightening Essence

How I use this product? I simply pressed the tube a little until a small amount of cream appeared and used my finger to take it. It's white and creamy as you can see on the picture, once applied to my skin, it will show red pigment after some seconds, just wait and see. Once I rub it to my finger, my index finger turned to be slight red (I hope you don't need to wrinkle your forehead a lot to see the difference between my bare skin and the other part of my index which was applied with Dodora).

So yes, it's reddening your lips & skin.

Dodora Lip and Nipple Pigment Lightening Essence

So here you could see my before-after lips (sorry, recently I'm fighting my chapped lips, LOL). I've been using this lip for almost a year, and I don't think I've gotten a significant change on my lips color. I can say that it's not permanently change your lip scolor, but yes, it's lightening and reddening your lips ONLY when you apply it to your lips regularly. Once you remove your make up, poof, all is gone. 

Also there is limit for how red your lips could achieve using this product. You couldn't expect to have an extreme red lips color for a sudden using this product because it will depend on your skin tone and your original natural lips color I assume. 

So to summarize all my words:
(+) Yes it gives red natural lips color
(+) Can last until 3 hours or so, unless you eat a lot, drink a lot which will make the essence easily disappears, so you have to put more efforts to apply it again and again.
(+) I don't smell any scent, so I won't tell you about this + it's tasteless.

(50:50) It's good for daily use for some people including me, since my cousin said it's too red for her so she didn't like it.

(-) Nope, it's not permanently reddening your lips - nb : or at least after 1 year using, I don't find a significant improvements.
(-) Be careful when you drink, because it may leave a mark on your glass..... (>_<)

nb:  This product also claims can lighten nipple, psst.. I've ever tried it (lol, super blush) and yes, it lightens 'them'. But, why should I do this??? I don't have any ero attention on doing this so I skip it. Well, I just tried it because of my curiosity. Perhaps, you are excited to try for other purpose, I'm telling you, yes it works for lightening and reddening nipples also - hope this review helps you. 

Will I purchase it? Umm.. Maybe no. It's enough for me and I'll look for another products.

Rate : 2.5 out of 5.
Thank you for accompanying me for a year Dodora!

Thanks for reading, and see you!

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  1. packagingnya lucu ^^
    btw I give you an award here:

  2. Masak Harganya segitu mbak ? aku kemarin beli cuman 25k doang kog
    wahhh iya cepet banget bibirku jadi merah tapi ga enaknya ya itu nempel di gelas T^T
    follback ya mbak makasih :*

    1. Iya dulu pas awal beli harganya segitu :) mungkin sekarang udah banyak kali ya jadi udah turun hehehe.. Ok, kunjungan balik XD

  3. mbak aku juga makai produk ini.. aku cowok.. bibir item krn sering kerja lapangan... dan di laut..

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    lalu setelah 1 thn gak ada perbuhan ya?


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