Review Tony Moly Expert Triple BB Cream SPF 45 +++

by - Selasa, April 10, 2012

Happy Saturday, everyone! My favorite online shop kindly sent me a bonus while sending my orders. She sent me Tonymoly Expert Triple BB Cream, sachet one, but I'm so happy. I haven't tried many BB creams yet compared to other beauties here, so I really eager to try each of them until I could find my own holy grail.

The sachet's design (sample product) is simple with rounded rectangle shape (and I've cut one edge anyway..). My assumption, one sachet can be used until 3 times, in my case.
I've browsed for some more information, since this BB Cream is new for me, this is what I got from the official advertisement:

Tony Moly Expert triple BB cream SPF45 PA+++ is a Tri-functional BB Cream, providing Whitening, Wrinkle Care and Protection against UV rays.

Red Ginseng extract helps regenerate the fibroblast and aggrandize the skin's immunizing functions.

Organic Lavender Extract boosts to restore the damaged skin and β-Glucan substance protects the Langerhans Cell in skin, which gets easily deteriorated by UV rays.

Source : BBCream Boutique

Wow, so they say, it has SPF 45! Can treat your wrinkle, has some whitening agent, this is really so interesting, can't wait to try. I don't know if it has more color shades, since I didn't get enough information from things written on the pack, but this one seems a bit lighter than my skin tone (See picture).

My skin is #23, it's getting darker due I'm working outdoor almost everyday recently. The texture is not too creamy, bit also not too thick I could say. It gives me dewy effect, and yes, it lightens my skin. I give more concern to the fact that it dries easily (and quick).

When I apply it on my face, I have to ensure myself using the moisturizer first before applying the BB Cream, since my skin is also a bit dry due to the climate. I've used this BB Cream with and without moisturizer. And the best result for my dry skin, is, please using moisturizer first for better result.

The results I like from this BB Cream:
1) It lightens my skin
2) Hide my large pores and blemishes
3) Also lightens red skin on some areas.
4) Give dewy and fresh effect, love this so much!
5) Oil control is really good, can last almost 8 hours, I don't need to blot too often.

Note : Anyway, I'm sure it can hide all blemishes and large pores if I use more creams on my face. Also, I still haven't used any powder for my finishing look (more matte), means the result can be much, much better with more additional stuffs and tricks.

The minus?
Maybe the shade doesn't match my skin tone, but over all I see the result on my appearance.

I will try to buy the big size once I've spent my recent BB Cream, I swear! Anyway, I can't judge if the 'anti-wrinkle' effect works good since I've just used this for only 3 times, so I still couldn't provide the long term results. I've used this for both day and night occasions and it gave me a big satisfaction.
What a great BB Cream and I will add this on my list.

Overall, I love this BB Cream! I may purchase this on the future.

Thank you for reading :)

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  1. wow, so it manages to hide ur large pores too, well, sounds good to me.
    make me want to try it too :)
    thanx 4 sharing


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