Review Dr. Eric Slimming Hot Cream (Cellulite Reduction)

by - Kamis, April 26, 2012

Dr. Eric Slimming Hot Cream (Cellulite Reduction)

To be honest, I was once fat or I could say my fats weren't distributed so well with the right portion leaving my body so unbalanced, really shy to admit it, but yes, now I'm skinny enough (slim, I would say) and today I want to review one of products I've used during my process. This one is from Dr. Eric Slimming Hot Cream, the online shop who sold this for me extremely promoted that this is one of the best hot creams ever and also affordable for young people like me (can I say I was so young at that time). That was also my first time using slimming product instead work out. Yes, I was so lazy I would prefer using cream rather than took my time to jog every morning.

Dr. Eric Slimming Hot Cream (Cellulite Reduction)

Here's the Active Ingredients (as stated) :
Natural Massage Oil (Sweet Almond Oil, Indian Pink Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil), Hot Ginger Oil, Hot Pepper Oil, Vitamin E

Dr. Eric Slimming Hot Cream (Cellulite Reduction)
Promotional words & Directions
It says how to use:
Just massage the affected area in an upward and circular motion for about 3 - 5 minuted until the cream has penetrated the skin completely. You will feel a difference in only a few day.

Dr. Eric Slimming Hot Cream (Cellulite Reduction)
Original 100% mark
The original product is believed to have this hologram sign and I hope I was having the original one(but my online shop ensured me it was really one!).

Now, the cream itself.
It has sweet pink color, very light similar to our daily lotion not too thick, you see I've used it for several days so it's half empty.

Dr. Eric Slimming Hot Cream (Cellulite Reduction)

Dr. Eric Slimming Hot Cream (Cellulite Reduction)

It has strong fragrance, I suppose it was from the ginger and the pepper ingredients. It's reccommended to use it twice a day after bathing, so I did it properly, right after I take a bath I used it just what it said. I applied it on my tummy and around thigh (*shy*). It's cold at first but on your next 2 minutes, please bear with the hot sensation for about 4 or 5 minutes, lol! I was once felt so uncomfortable but got used with it after several days.

I don't feel any satisfaction in the end, no matter what just don't leave the 'exercise' part, you just couldn't get easily slim just with cream. Well, it tighten my skin, I was quiet impressed but it didn't give any significant and permanent result overall.

And moreover, it won't work for stretchmark! I have some and I was hoping this could get rid of it, but it failed. So.. yes:

Rating is 2/5

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