From Papua : Ant Nest, Arcangelisia flava, and Snacks

by - Sabtu, Agustus 18, 2012

My bf just returned back from Papua last week after two months staying due to his job duty, lol, I laughed simply watching his new appearance as a result being too long in outdoor area, sun burn! Guess he will need more skin facial more than me.

Aside of that, he kindly gave me some natural herbs that he used to eat to keep his health in good condition. He knows that I'm so into nature things recently so he was the one who jumped into the wild forest and took this herbs for me. Those are:

1) Sarang Semut / Ant Nest (Myrmecodia Pendans)

Ant nest has been so popular nowadays due to its ability to cure cancer, treat rheumatic and gout, I was surprised when I read this article and I think I will start to drink it regularly from now on (until I spend all the ant nest). Anyway, the price is so expensive here, but luckily my bf got these for free since as I said he took them himself :) , I'm so proud of him :)

My mom started to drink the extract of Ant Nest and she said that her body becomes bit freshen every morning and it keeps her healthy.

How to serve: (based on my bf instruction)
1. Make sure that the ant nest is dry enough
2. Boil the water while put the ant nest into it (avg 2 glass of water for 1-2 piece of ant nest)
3. Drink the water of the Ant Nest

2) Akar Kuning / Arcangelisia flava (Yellow-Fruit Moonseed)

The second herb is Yellow Fruit Moonseed or my bf calls it Akar Kuning, since it has yellow color. My bf said its taste is bitter but it contains antioxidant which good for our body! My bf stated how he used to drink this extract during his stay and he's free from flu and fever unlike his colleagues. I really want to try but I still have no guts regarding its taste. But let's try ^^

Anyway, steps to drink the extract of this herb is similar with how I do with ant nest :)

3) Keripik Keladi Sayo

The last one is Keripik Keladi Sayo from Sorong, Indonesia. It can be called Sweet Taro chips in English. So crispy and tasty. He brought 2 packs of each 1/2 kg and the first pack has already empty :(

My bf will return back to Papua soon after the Iedul Fitri Celebration, I'll be so lonely without him but what I can do is to support him to do his best :) ~and more presents in the future~

Thanks for reading!

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