Review Lulur Mandi Viva Cosmetics Ekstrak Bengkoang

by - Jumat, Agustus 10, 2012

Lulur Mandi Viva Cosmetics Ekstrak Bengkoang

Bathing is my very favourite thing to do, after a busy work at office and meet the pollution every single day, it's good to take a bath with a warm water to refresh our mind and to end the day. One of my bathing accompaniment that I musn't forget is body scrubs! I love using it to remove all the dirts and dead cells. However I still don't have a specific brand that I like most since, you know, too many types and I want to try each of them. 

On this post, I will talk about a local product from Indonesial; Lulur Mandi Ekstrak Bengkuang or scrubs made by extracted yam bean from Viva cosmetics brand. Viva's products are very popular in Indonesia since it's affordable along with good quality. 

This scrubs only costs around IDR 9,000 ~ US$ 1.00, cheap right? And for me it could last for a month or less if I use it once everyday (I use it at evening since in the morning, I always in a hurry due to work).

Let's take a look inside, shall we?

Lulur Mandi Viva Cosmetics Ekstrak Bengkoang

We can see that the color of the cream is pure white, just as expected from yam bean vegetables, and it contains some granules (scrubs) but it's not that massive. The cream itself is light and not too thick, it drips easily.

Lulur Mandi Viva Cosmetics Ekstrak Bengkoang

The smell of the yam bean isn't that strong and almost too soft. Well, actually I prefer a strong scent from a body scrubs since I love to smell yam so this makes me lowering the rate.
Lulur Mandi Viva Cosmetics Ekstrak Bengkoang

How to use it:
1) Wet our body during bathing and after that we can apply this body scrubs on our body thoroughly.
2) Wait until 1-2 minutes or so (sometimes I wait until 5 minutes while I'm shampoo-ing)
3) Then wash it.

Finish! That's all so easy. And this steps are so common among other body scrubs I usually use.

The effects?
I can barely smell the scent.. It's too soft so I don't really enjoy it, also I don't like the light texture of this scrubs. I personally love thick one- this one is semi liquid. But yes it smoothes our skin and gives a relax feeling.

Will I buy it ? Maybe no, my previous product is better ^^

Rate 3/5

Thanks for reading and see you!

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