Review : Anion Blue BB Cream - Threble Whitening Effect and Moisturing Milk With SPF 30 (?)

by - Senin, September 17, 2012

I really don't understand why many sellers call this product a kind of BB Cream? In fact, what I found from the package is : ANION BLUE Threble Whitening Effect (Whitening & Moisturing Milk). And, how can many sellers claim this product has SPF 30? I really don't get it, since I don't find that sort of words written on the product. Can you spot it? Or perhaps it's written in Chinese or Korean which I don't understand. I even didn't spot any '30' word other than 30g which I'm sure it's telling the product weight.

Well, I was curious to try this product cause, yes, I find it's quiet affordable and it has spf of course. And, see the packaging, no box, only wrapped by a plastic (bought it from the online shop) with a promo price, in general it's sold around IDR 75,000 (US 7.00 ~ 8.00).

You can see the packaging color, purple mixed with maroon, quiet lovely and has artistic design on cover pattern. Love it, but this product couldn't stand since the tube isn't flat enough.

I zoomed the wrapping package, since it's showing something (perhaps useful), I only notice the website address where it's leading me to a Chinese news portal site ( which I assume not informative enough to tell me more about this Anion product. Well, if you have time and kind enough to tell me what is the site about I would be so much happy in return).

Many online shops advertise that this product is highly popular in Korea, so perhaps that's why it has original Korean language on the backside before it's attached with another Chinese sticker telling about the product info.

I was just too curious to know what it says...
So here I'm showing you the product, it has the expire date written too. I find the packaging is good and I don't have any difficulties to squeeze the cream tube.

The cream itself is not too thick nor too light, so easy to apply. See, I thought the cream was too light for my skin, but it blends perfectly with my skin after all and lighten my skin so well. The moisturizing effect? I love it a lot. It moistures my skin a lot and the oil control is even good, even though I'm not using compact powder it gives me a very good finishing look.

Dewy or matte? If you use finishing powder, so the effect is depending on your powder, but without any powder, this cream gives a beautiful dewy effect as for me. It doesn't hide my large pores perfectly but acceptable. As for the coverage period; the first 3 or 4 hours are superb , but also not too disappointing the next hours forward.

Scent? It does have a slight fragrance, I don't have any problem with this issue. Does it lighten my skin? Perhaps yes, only when I use it, but I don't know whether it will improve my skin after some period of time in the future.

Sorry, I couldn't inform you the real information about the ability of this product, but I will paste from the adverstisement:

Functions and Benefits Anion blue Whitening Cream and Milk Moisturing with SPF 30
1. Whitening and Brightening.Naturally whitening face, blemishes and dark spots, and brightens dull skin. 2. Moisten. Soften, moisturize, restore the elasticity of the face. Regeneration of skin cells. Hides wrinkles amd makes skin looks smooth and hides large pores.
3. Oil Control Acne. Controls excess oil on the face, eliminate blackheads, help treat acne.
4. As a make-up base, which makes makeup last longer and easy to apply.
5. As Sun Block, with SPF 30, protects the skin from sunburn, lasting a day during the move.

It says, it could be a make up base, but as for me, I use it after moiturizer and concealer, then this Anion (to replace BB Cream) and last one is powder (which is optional for me).

Mercury Test with gold ring
I hope this product is really safe cause sadly I couldn't really understand about the ingredients other than Red pomegranate. I also did a mercury test with a gold ring to test whether this cream contains mercury. Well, it's a relieve that it doesn't give any react or any change to turn into black color or something.

Rate: 3.5/5
I would love to purchase this cream on the future.. If.. The product is really safe :)

Thanks for reading and have a good time!

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11 komentar

  1. wow, I just curious about this cream
    thank for the review xD

    come and see my blog if you have time

  2. hello modi.. sblmnya mau tanya.. apa ni bener produk dari korea? soalnya aneh bener.. tulisan di depannya mandarin tapi belakangnya korea :s trs aku jg ngga menemukan satupun tulisan hangeul yang bacanya ANION.
    di belakang packagingnya ada tulisan 성분설면 itu bacanya sama sekali bukan Anion, dan ga ada meaningnya.. dan di bagian bawah ada tulisan 자연의 아룽다읃 덜글 juga ga terdeteksi itu artinya apa :S (bisa coba google translate)
    menurutku jg aneh.. karena di packagingnya ada tulisan MOISTURING & THREBLE, yang bener-bener bahasa inggris ancur.. krn ga ada artinya =_= mungkin dia mau tulis moisturizing & triple..

    Saranku lbh baik hentikan penggunaan produk ini say.. Karena produk ni ga jelas banget asal usulnya.. kalo bener punya korea, seharusnya ga mungkin ada tulisan mandarin di packagingnya >_< dan jg company korea selalu mencantumkan alamat lengkap di belakang packaging mrk lho.. klo mrk sampe ga berani cantumin alamat lengkap.. berarti.. ?

    1. Halo Xiao Vee thanks buat komennya :) berguna banget karena emang aku ga begitu ngerti tulisan Mandarin + Korea. Dari awal aku juga agak ragu ama produk ini memang, untungnya harganya ga terlalu menguras, jadi anggap aja pengen trial new product for the sake of other customers. Kalau dilihat-lihat jelas produk nya dari Cina, info packagingnya pun memang ngga jelas banget.

      Iya, ini aku tulis reviewnya berharap ada masukan dari orang lain tentang keeksisan produk ini juga dan kalau emang bermasalah pengen nyaranin untuk ga dipakai, terlepas dari outcome di wajah bagus :)

    2. sama2 :) thankyou juga ya buat review dan foto2nya, jadi makin tau sebenernya anion ini gmn sih detail packagingnya.
      Syukurlah kalo hrgnya ga mahal dan ga sampe bikin wajah jd bermasalah ya >.< soalnya bnyk produk geje yg bertebaran akhir2 ini.. :S

  3. gyaa, knapa jadi menyeramkan gni -___-
    tapi emang kemarin pas aku tanya di olshop yg jual barang ini gak bisa kasi pernyataan yg jelas tentang produk ini
    lebih baik dberhentiin aja >o<

    1. Iya sis, aku jg pake inipun namanya coba-coba , review nya jarang juga. Semoga dalam waktu deket bisa dapet info ttng ingredientsnya :)

  4. ooh what an interesting product! i should try brightening creams too i'm so dark from summer haha. thanks for participating! remember to link up on my post :) you get to enter your blog info and crop your thumbnail too. you can still link up until end of september if you want to throw together something quickly
    pandaphilia style

  5. halo sis salam kenal :)

    penasaran sama anion bb cream, then i found the review here.. kalo nyoba produk baru emang harus lebih hati-hati ya sis apalagi kalo ngalamin punya jenis kulit yg ga betahan, yg ga nyaman dikit aja langsung timbul jerawat >_<
    untung sekarang bb cream dari caring calours yg lagi dipake ga bermasalah, tapi belum sempet bikin review. but you can read it on my blog.

    i was wondering how if we following each other.

  6. sis...
    saya punya produk ini,bagus banget hasilnya di muka aku...setelah baca postingan sis jadi kepikiran jg ini produk dari manaa...bahayakah? coba search via mbah google,sampe search barcode yg tercantum di label belakang,ternyata oh ternyata ini bukan produk korea tp produk cina,barcode 3 angka didepannya 693,itu barcode china,seperti indonesia yg depannya 899,jadi bingung..diterusin ga ya??

    1. Halo.. Iya setelah diteliti emang produk dari Cina yang mungkin menggunakan tulisan Korea untuk menarik minat pembeli ya. Sama juga di aku hasilnya memang terlihat bagus juga, tapi gara-gara produknya ga jelas jadi agak takut nih efek sampingnya apa. Kalo sekarang sih produknya rada dianggurin di rumah. Kadang-kadang doank mau pake itupun dikit banget....

      Makasih udah berkunjung ^^


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