Review : K.Brothers Pure Milky Jasmine Rice Soap (From Thailand)

by - Senin, September 17, 2012

Hello everyone, I'm back with another review. Today I want to share about the K. BROTHERS Rice Soap which is popular recently among the online shop sellers, and yes, I'm an online shoppers who's quiet late to decide trying this soap. Some sellers have offered me good price for this (and I hope those are the original one too, of course) but I still haven't quiet attracted yet, until one of a friend shared how her skin is gradually improving by using this rice soap frequently. Well, a true honest with some proves review always win, right? So.. I bought the soap after all from my friend with more expensive price (around IDR 15,000 ~ US 2.00, where for the next soap I've bought only for IDR 5,000 ~ US 0.5).

Anyway, this soap comes from Thailand and promises to clear(or perhaps reduce) imperfection and improves skin. Uh, I always, always tempted when read those words and actually couldn't wait to try.

The one on the picture is claimed to be the old packaging, the latest rice soap has already new version packaging (I've bought them too lol, and now it's wrapped with asoap box but I bet the ingredients and the soap itself just stay the same).

If we see the product, well, it's all written in Thailand, sorry I don't quiet understand, so I only read the English one:

K.Brothers Pure Milky Jasmine Rice Soap
The Herbal Moisturizing Soap

With the finest Jasmine Rice extract ingredient that enriches of Vitamin B, it can help to maintain skin tone and lighten your skin complexion without any side effects and get rid of the unwanted pimples or acnes.
Directions : Using for both face and body with all skin types.
Ingredients : Sodium Hydroxide, Coconut Oil, Milky Jasmine Rice Extract Aqua, Fragrance.

The size of this soap is around 5 cm x 5 cm x 2.35 cm , broken white color, very soft, it has a subtle scent (just like Thailand rice I assume, so far I really love the scent and even my bf thought it smells like some kind of fluffy bread).

Well, I cut the soap the get the real texture, but the soap texture is just like another soap, but with special content rice granules spreaded to prove that it's really a rice soap.

I decided to use it for my face, I know quiet risky, and this soap definitely produces many foam,  I thought that foamy soap is not reccommended for face, but I really made it onto mine. The result is quiet interesting, but I still haven't felt satisfied though. My little pimples are reduced and I'm so happy with the outcome, my face skin becomes lighter. Very nice.

But I also had 1 and 2 pimples appear on the other side, lol, very itchy, but this soap could dry them within a night and can't ask for more. I want to try more using this soap expecting that it will bring better result.

Anyway, lately I feel that It dries my skin too if I use this too often, so I only use it if I want to dry my new pimple(s), this works great, other than that I will return to my another face cleansing product.

P.S. I also give each to my bf and my mom, and they really love this soap as well, my bf skin improves a lot (moreover after his return from Papua, so he got sunburn everywhere, ugh.. very not good looking :( so I do really put more effort to take care of him, hahaha). And my mom also loves her face skin more and more, it reduces her aging-spot and lighten her face. Wow! Mom also uses for her entire body which make her skin smoother.

I really, really will use this soap even more :)  in a very wise manner ^^

What about you? Have you tried this soap? Or interested to try one?

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7 komentar

  1. it doesnt make your face dry? :O
    i just want to try this product, but sometimes, kind of product contain rice thingy will dry my skin -__-

    1. Hello Gita, yes sometimes it dries my face but it works good on drying my red pimples quickly, so I put more moisturizer after use this soap :)

    2. Kalo diliat dari bahan2nya,ini mah lebih baik dr yg dipasaran pake:SLS/SLES,keluarga sulfate,Cocamidopropyl betaine,Cocamide DEA/MEA,dst.Minimal dia bukan foaming agent yg berbahaya.Kalo bikin kulit kering,rata2 sabun memang alkaline,jadi dia bikin kulit kering.Coba baca ini sebentar,hope it helps^^:

    3. Makasih Lovely Cosme, iya aku jg kira itu alkalin dari busanya yg banyak banget sejak pertama pemakaian.

      Thanks linknya, bakal dibaca :)

  2. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  3. My skin was pain when i use it

  4. Overall it is a great product!! It is clean, but dries up my face sometimes :( make sure you put some moisturiser after it.


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