Review : LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails : Sparkling No.2 Red

by - Selasa, September 25, 2012

Recently purchased a nail polish from Etude House and can't believe that I terribly love this one! This is LUCIDarling Fantastic Nails : Sparkling No.2 with Red color. I thought it would be too light for my skin, but the result is pretty and soft and looks so nice for my brown skin.

I bought it from an online store for about IDR 47,000 (around ~US$ 5.00) and it's worth the price. The brush is steady and it dries pretty fast, I don't need to wait for quiet some time to continue my activities.

To look at the number color #2

Well, for information that along with Sparkling edition, Etude House Fantastic Nails edition also launched the Shimmering, Glittering, and Spangle. And I really want to collect all of them. LOLS.

What do you think about this color?

Anyway, I would like to learn about nail art in the future, someone can teach me? ^^

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2 komentar

  1. packagingnya cantik~ warnanya juga bagus :)

  2. aku suka warnanyaaa
    sometimes mau bikin tutorial nail art siih, tapi belum kesampaian, huhuhu
    dulu udah pernah, tapi posting lama banget, huaa


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