Hello, Peplum

by - Rabu, November 20, 2013

I finally passed my grade 6 Anzca Modern Piano exam, and I received honours result (94/100), what a blast! To think that I've never entered any Anzca exam on the past. Even my examiner was wondering why I had that nerves to enter the grade 6 even without having the theory exam first. But, well, I answered, "Cause I'm ready for it."

The improvisation part took almost 3 months until I satisfied with the melody I composed -my teacher was greatly inspiring and helped me but I think her main and significant roles were the way she guided and supervised me towards detail things. Overall I'm quiet proud of myself and owed her much at the same time.

I'm so ready for another exam next year, but for now I will grant myself this long awaited peplum dress which I have bought several months ago, but due to alteration thingies I had to endure wearing it. 
Do you like peplum?

Anyway, thanks for coming!

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3 komentar

  1. congratulations!
    peplum was never my thing but this dress in golden yellow is so beautiful on you. :)

  2. oh, by the way, what is the font you're using on your blog? is it avail on blogger or it's from a custom layout? :)

    1. Thank you ^^ the font was edited by me on the html section, I use 'century gothic' ^^


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