Night at Miramar Hotel, Bangkok

by - Rabu, November 27, 2013

My first and last day of 4 days in Thailand were spent in Miramar Hotel in Bangkok, a four-star rated located in 777 Mahachai Road, Wangburaphapirom, Phanakorn, China Town, Bangkok, Thailand 10200 -my guide prepared this for us (me and the tour members). Although it was said to be near the China Town, sadly I didn't have enough time to get there. We just watched it from the car's window (that's one of disadvantages having a group tour).

We arrived there around 9.40 pm, could you notice it? There weren't many guests seen at that time, but it was pleasant and nice atmosphere inside the hotel. The bad side was that the receptionists couldn't speak English fluently made me difficult to communicate.

I was asking how to activate internet service for my blackberry using dtac provider, since dtac was providing cheap rates for unlimited internet service: 100 baht for 7 days! I was desperately looking for more explanation since my phone kept receiving text messages with Thai's language which I don't understand for real. But they replied if I had to purchase another credits for my dtac simcard. How come? The promo said that the 100 baht included all the internet service without any additional cost/credit.

In the end, I asked another member of the group who had succeed activating his blackberry service, "You just have to reset your device," he said, and magically it worked! I didn't have to purchase more credits!

Our guest room is clean and comfy, with black-painted wall filled with dim light. It brought you to deep slumber. But again, the internet wifi costs a lot, around 60 baht per hour, lol. It's similar to IDR 24,000 in my country, way so expensive! Where you can easily access internet for IDR 4,000 in Indonesia!

There is a tv that airing Thailand's programs which I don't understand, lol. Since we stayed in a standard room, the bathroom doesn't have a bathtub.

But, on our last day, we moved to the VIP room which is bigger with two king-sized bed and a bathtub, of course.

The meals served on this hotel is average. In the morning, you will have to exchange your breakfast voucher to enter the buffet. There are tom yum, porridge, fried rice, sausages and eggs, bread and butter. Drinks are coffee, tea, milk, you may choose how to combine them

I'm satisfied so far with this hotel after all.

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