The Royal Dragon Restaurant, Thailand: Wonderful and Yummy Memory

by - Selasa, November 05, 2013

It was around 5 pm when I (with my mom and other group tour participants) arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand for the first time! Once we finished fulfilling our documents duty at the embassy and changed some money to baht currency we got out of that big airport, just too excited to meet who would our tour guide be. It took about 15 minutes before we finally saw a middle-aged Thai man, not so tall, holding a board which written our group's name. We then responded him with a wave. He was so friendly and it was unbelievable that he could speak Indonesian fluently after having learnt it for 6 months.

Thailand was so hot at that time (around 40' C on May 2013) while it was terribly cold inside the car (guess the driver set the maximum temperature for the AC). There, our tour guide, who'd rather be called with his cool nickname, Mr. Foo, than his origin Thailand name which was even longer, bragged about having a boss who runs this mega-super restaurant called The Royal Dragon, Mang Korn Lung.

"You must visit this restaurant, everyone who visits Thailand must eat in this restaurant," He said.

Luckily, the street wasn't that crowded I enjoyed myself looking at the busy road, every building and highways also Thai peoples who resembles so much like the Jakarta's residents. 6:14 pm and we entered the restaurant gate. I just can't help but anxious to know how this restaurant would greet us, since Mr. Foo really couldn't stop telling all of us about this.

THE THAILAND'S ASEAN SEAFOOD RESTAURANT, that's what the green board said. As we entered the restaurant, I saw many people were also on their way to the restaurant while the rest seemed probably done already. The entrance was beautifully decorated by many Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceilings, leading us into the restaurant.

This restaurant is located in 35/222 M.4 Bangna - Trad Rd Bangna 10260, Bangkok and surprisingly they had been awarded by the Guiness Book Of Records as a restaurant with largest seating capacity and staffs over 1,000 on 1991.

Walking through the corridor, I took my time looking at the busy kitchen, watching the cooks with red aprons, hundreds or maybe thousand plates waiting to be served by meals, plenty of aquariums filled with living fishes, and what's unique here, you'll watch waiters with roller blades, energetically sliding to deliver the orders.

And soon I was amazed by what I saw inside, this restaurant was really big and wonderful, it has so many tables you can freely pick. Oh, and there are so many people (mostly women, me included) who took their time to capture their moments here. It was like surrounded by the river.

Lotuses were everywhere to greet you and make sure that every visitors experienced the best service. 
Anyway, did you know what I was thinking when I looked around through this whole place? Oh, My God! Onew was here! Well, I'm a ShawolSHINee (kpop boyband) fan, and I noticed that this restaurant was the place I saw him visiting during his "One Fine Day SHINee Reality Show" where he chose to visit Thailand last year. Gosh! I visited the same restaurant as my idol.

There is a stage which mainly used to hold a performance such as dance, cultural music and Thai boxing. Luckily on the evening we had a chance to witness a beautiful Thai traditional dance to accompany our dinner.

This restaurant was really unique that I could experience watching a waiter flew on the sky (simply using hooked in a string, just like 'flying fox') to serve the orders, sadly it wasn't for my table.

So far I enjoyed the food they had prepared, especially the original Thai's tom yum. Now I see why my tour guide desperately wanted us to have our dinner here, cause you just won't regret every second being here!

I wish I could have another time to visit this restaurant, I would order more!

To watch more stories (including the food) you can check the video I've uploaded below. Thanks for watching and see you!


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  1. That's really great.I think every restaurants should provide such features.especially, a place for dance and boxing.Its both attracts others and helps to maintain a sound health.I know another restaurant provides such features along with Boxing in Connecticut


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