Boots For Petite, Anyone?

by - Rabu, Juli 23, 2014

I've been crazily in love with boots since 6 yo, well, pretty late if you compare it with kids these days. They're already wearing boots since less than a year. But to know that not many people choosing boots when living in tropical country, you may realize why it was hard for boots existed back then, unless you do some stage performances where I didn't.

But now, yes, I perform a lot, though some local performances. Haha, so I can freely wear my boots, and specially with that new Salvatore Ferragamo one on the picture above which I just own.

A Petite tries to wear knee-length boot. Lol.
Of course petite like me can wear knee-length boots without looking even shorter, my tricks are wearing stretch legging/jegging and top which isn't longer than half of your thigh.

What do you think?

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9 komentar

  1. keren banget mbk,suka yang nomor 2...asik^^

  2. I think boots look amazing, unfortunately they never really do on me so I don't really tend to choose boots:p but you look great in them!:) x
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  3. You look gorgeous wearing boots. Good advice btw!

  4. Your boots are GORGEOUS! Can´t wait for the cold days to come to wear one too. :)

  5. Cute boots!


  6. I'm 5'4 and I love wearing knee-high boots too! I also wear them with leggings and usually thigh-high socks for contrast!


  7. Soooo... cute! Saya juga sukaasukaaa banget dgn boots tapi blum pernah beli, hihihi...


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