Between Now and Then, A Happy New Year 2015!

by - Selasa, Januari 06, 2015

I know it's late, but still I would like to say: Happy New Year 2015! Yeah, I didn't even write such a proper Merry Christmas 2014 back then, still I'm wishing all the best for you guys! Come to think of it, I don't write my resolution here - of course I have my personal target for my personal life or even in blogging, just some considerations have made decided to keep it private. But let's still supporting each other :) 

This year, I've promised to myself to dress up better, lol! So, let's start counting and hope I put a nice beginning.

December 28th 2014

I love this peplum-top, but somehow the picture makes me look like I'm pregnant. Or was it the cutting?

December 31st 2014

I designed this batwing coat myself and thanks to my dressmaker for making it so stunning. 

January 1st 2015

Starting the new year with a very simple and clean look, back to my favorite nude heels, guess have to search a new one.

January 4th 2015

You can call me a vest-holic, and you may notice that I wore the same skinny pants for two in a row - yes, I'm learning to do mix'n'match even more this year. Please show me your support!

Still on the same day, I ended up my day with my favorite backless cardigan, you may have seen it here


You can share your outfits post(s) by kindly put it on the comment box, see you!

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5 komentar

  1. Great looks. My fave is the first one.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman

  2. You look great the Outfits <3

  3. ooh you changed your blog layout!! I love these outfits, especially the first and second one. I need to get some trousers like that :p Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!! :) x
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