An Evening in Lembang With Colenak

by - Senin, Juli 08, 2013

An Evening In Lembang -
During the cold weather few days ago (Bandung is cold lately during night time), me and bf suddenly decided going to Lembang, a district in West Bandung regency which take an hour driving from my place. No plan not even a preparation, we just wanted to. Simply, completing the freeze. Think, we just got bored already with fresh milk and roasted corn, we went for : colenak. Yay.

Colenak, Bandung special food, is made from peuyeum (fermented cassava, tapai in Indonesia). Baked then served with a sauce made from grated coconut and brown sugar.
The stall we visited.
There are so many colenak stalls around Lembang street, just tried to find one.
Address, please
We stopped in a small stall at Raya Lembang street, the price for a small plate of colenak is only IDR 6,000.00, I guess it's quiet normal since I've ever read a blog who wrote about finding a colenak with around IDR 15,000.00??? Wow, even double price, I wonder what it taste like.
Colenak. Yummy!
Anyway, I love the sauce a lot! Suddenly got inspired to make it soon~
And after that we just directly returned back to Bandung. Lol. What a refreshing.

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