Banana Compote with Coconut Milk (Kolak Pisang)

by - Senin, Juli 08, 2013

My first attempt making Banana Compote -
The idea of making Kolak Pisang or Banana Compote with Coconut milk -an Indonesian dessert, was because I have some remaining coconut milk in my fridge which has been there for about 3 weeks (?!) I know it's not well recommended but still I don't want to throw it away, yet and the article I've had read online said that coconut milk which kept in a refrigerator can last until 1 month, why can't I trust it?

How to keep coconut milk for long term:

1. Boil coconut milk with adding a pinch of salt, let it cool, and put in a plastic container. Keep it in freezer. Coconut milk can last for 1 month.
2. Keep coconut milk in a plastic or sealed container. Put it in the freezer and let it freeze. In this way, milk can last up to 3 months. Keep in room temperature for approximately 24 hours before use. Of course we can't avoid the fact that the quality itself will decrease. 
3. Canning, this way coconut milk can last for 2 years. Source.
My freezing coconut milk

So I went to supermarket with bf this evening, bought all the supplies we need including for our dinner. The reference recipe (- there are lots of kolak pisang recipe out there!) I got from tempatonlineku with some changes, eg: I want all bananas only!
Local banana kepok, IDR 20,677 for around 1,7 kg

10 kepok bananas (saba banana), sliced ​​crosswise
250 ml of water
500 ml curdle coconut milk
3 pandan leaves
250 gr palm sugar
3 tbsp sugar
1-2 tsp salt

1. Boil palm sugar, sugar, and salt to 250 ml of water until dissolved, strain.
2. Add coconut milk and pandan leaves. Simmer over low heat, stirring constantly.
3. Put sliced ​​bananas just before it boils, continue stirring.
4. Ready to be served.

1. My cousin said that it's better to add bananas first before coconut milk and pandan leaves, somehow I will try this method later.
2. Constantly stirring to prevent the coconut milk breaking.
3. Do not let the compote boils too long (just immediately turn off the heat) and do not re-heat the compote over and over,  it will cause the compote become oily.
Each made a dish with coconut milk, even though it was a sweet dish, use salt to taste. Salt will give effect to the savory coconut milk.

Palm Sugar
The result? Well, this was my first attempt so I had learned a lot! First thing, how bf taught me how to select good saba banana, I always envy how he can pick great fruits while I'm not, lol. You can see that I didn't select good one after all. And, I boiled the banana compote too long! That's why judging from my photos, the coconut milk texture is broken and it's really bad. Thanks God that it tastes good in the end. However, I notice the quality of my coconut milk also had decreasing.

Well, a good lesson though, I will try to make this again next time. Thank you for coming.

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