Lembang Floating Market, Enjoying Bandung Culinary in One Place

by - Kamis, Juli 25, 2013

Last weekend, finally oh finally, I went to Lembang Floating Market with bf (Well, recently it was difficult to match our free time these days). Lembang Floating Market is a new (just known it, lol, I'm so outdated) local attraction in my city that recently becomes so popular among people around the capital (Jakarta) and Bandung itself. Well, here I will share my experience and I really, really recommend you all to visit this place during your holiday.

The Location

Just like the place name 'Lembang Floating Market', it's located in Lembang, around 1 hour from Bandung city, West Java, Indonesia -in assumption, normal traffic condition. First time I got to know about this floating market was from my cousin's pictures collection which were taken there and also I used to see this modified bus which used as a promotional public transport taking people to the market - just everytime I go to Lembang.

The bus
Floating market. So where does the word floating come from? Actually the location was originally a lake, Situ Umar, which ever used by people to fish. But rather than being demolished and transformed into a residential area, Perry Tristianto the developer chose to build a tourist attraction spot while still preserving its beautiful lake but now with adding a new concept: Bandung's Culinary in One Spot, yes the market will be above the lake, so that's it the idea of floating market.

Lembang Floating Market
Explore Bandung's Culinary

The entry ticket is quiet affordable, only IDR 10,000, and surprisingly we can redeem the ticket paper with another welcome drink on the spot. So it means actually we pay for nothing to enter this site! Entering the gate you will notice a booth 'coin exchange' Yes, that's how we do the trade, we won't use our Rupiah currency to buy things here instead we have to exchange our money with coins (similar like plastic chips). The price range starts from IDR 5,000 and there you can start exploring the market. And don't worry for not having enough money in your pocket because there is also ATM available for you always.

Once you ready with the coins, we will start walking around the lake and see many boats selling various kind of food from Bandung; baso tahu, lumpia basah, pancake duren, sate jamur, cotton candy, 'lava explosion' pizza, satay padang, lotek, potato twist, roti canay, rujak, and so many more! We can choose whether to use another boat to buy the food or just walk through.

Boats selling food
The food price ranges from IDR 5,000 - 50,000 as you can see from my picture. I just didn't upload all the pictures to avoid spoiling you too much, dear readers. I didn't taste all the food, sorry, since I was looking for another unique food other than Bandung's culinary but I just couldn't find it. Well, I'm a Bandung resident and all those food are just so ordinary for me and in my opinion there are all quiet pricey compared to 'real' price which I can get in another place.

Not every food stalls are using boat, anyway, there are also restaurants -which built as joglo-like along the road which facing the lake, so you can still enjoy your roasted corn or grill sausages while looking at the scenery. How beautiful!

Another food restaurant
But the good side is, for you who wants to try all Bandung yummy culinary collections without feeling bother (and tired) going to many places, you can try everything here, yes... It'll save your time a lot.

The Field

Finish with your meals? Let's continue our walk entering the 'Kampung Leuit', a small field-like with so many (organic) plants planted there. I really love the scenery in Lembang Floating Market, very fresh and green. There are strawberries, oranges, berries, rice plants and also organic vegetables for you to see, during the harvest period we also could pick fruits by paying some amount of money, of course.

We can sit and relax in a hut (it's actually written for rent: IDR 70,000/ 2 hours, Eh?) while enjoying those swimming fishes among the rice plants and those flying butterflies around the flowers. Awesome!

Mini Zoo and Outdoor Playground

Lembang Floating Market is just like a small zoo - well, limited zoo, we can feed geese and swans, do fishing, play and feed with the rabbits, see the pretty birds. Even the kids are feeling excited for being here. It's really a good family travel spot.

Kids can play flying fox, ATV, go-kart while the parents are photo hunting or just.. eat and eat and eat...
Tips: be ready to leave your diet for a moment.

There are lots of photo objects that can be found in this whole area so don't be surprised if you see mostly people is doing photo-hunting. Well, be sure to enjoy you trip first then you may start taking pictures :)

Water fountain
Sadly the sky was cloudy and it was raining I barely can capture the blue sky.
Fruits boat
The Water Games

You may want to complete your water experience by playing some water rides such as canoe, dinghy, water cycle or paddle boat - you can check the price list. Once again, you coins.

Price list of the water rides
I chose to ride dinghy, because I would like to take pictures from the middle of the lake while I let my bf to paddle and paddle. I paddled too.. Once in a while. It was fun, definitely fun you guys must try! Tiring though.

Tried to capture

Definitely will visit this place again in the future and I'll make sure to taste some other food I could't taste last time. I'm sorry for not showing you the exact direction toward this place because.. You know I'm not a good navigator and I'm bad on remembering directions. Bf did all this job :) But all I know that this place is easy to reach, really easy like everyone in Lembang already know it. lol.

Happy faces
Thank you for reading, see you soon.

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