Review Biokos White n Clear Granular Cleansing Foam

by - Selasa, Juli 23, 2013

Biokos White n Clear Granular Cleansing Foam -
Product Description
Name: White 'N' Clear with Bio-Mulberry Extract Granular Cleansing Foam
Brand: Biokos Martha Tilaar (Indonesia) jointly developed in Laboratoires MT France
Net.: 2.82 oz (80 gr)
Price: IDR. 35,000
Website: here

As my promise, today I will review the other Biokos product included in a hamper I received some times ago, it's a cleansing foam, to be precise, a granular cleansing foam, well I bet you'll soon notice that it's about to scrub. Yay~ I love scrubbing a lot! I often use baking soda -the cheap one, the safest one and the one that usually can make my face look even brighter. But this White 'N' Clear cleansing foam also looks so promising, I eventually decided to use this foam after a while anyway, and it's been 1,5 months, means finally time for review, everyone!
The Packaging

A soft pink collapsible tube, very easy to handle and squeeze
On the backside, we will be able to read its description, instruction, ingredients as well other
information regarding the product.
Open the cap and there's the hole, not too big nor too small, just exactly fit to
easily let the foam comes out.
The Foam

Softly squeeze the tube and the broken-white granulated cream will appear, actually I don't think it contains too many granules everytime I put it on my hand.

The fact that I often mix my baking soda with this foam if I need to scrub my face more. It works effective that way as for me.

How it feels? Feels so good. You can look at the picture above, number 1 is showing my dirty and oily skin - I've just intentionnaly applied lots of makeup and then using cleanser to clean it. Number 2 is how I use this facial foam to clean it, and finally number 3 my skin looks so smooth and soft, smells sweet and even fresher.

Love this product a lot!

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