Visiting Wat Pho: The Reclining Buddha

by - Minggu, Desember 01, 2013

For around half an hour I was sitting on the front seat car listening to the guide's stories along our way from hotel at day 2 in Thailand. The religion, history, cultures, and arts -including Thai boxing. I was simply busy recording the wide street with not many vehicles crossing, intend to keep it as my personal memory. It was 9 AM, a sunny day and pretty hot outside the car, just like Jakarta, without the crowd.

Our first destination is Wat Pho, (วัดโพธิ์) a Buddhist temple in Phra Nakhon district, Bangkok, Thailand, also known as Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawiha/วัดพระเชตุพนวิมลมังคลารามราชวรมหาวิหาร), a 17 th century Bangkok temple on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Once we parked our car, we were directly heading to its big entrance.

Two Giant Chinese Warriors are standing near the gate, ready to greet everyone, anytime, it's reflecting the Chinese influence during the reign of King Rama III.

Ticket price for entering Wat Pho only costed 100 Baht (around IDR 34,000 or $3.5 ) where you can exchange it for a free mineral water at the 'drink booth'. Well, it looked like there were already so many visitors though (I easily noticed that mostly were from Indonesia, lol).

Entering the 'building housing' of the Reclining Buddha, we will first given a bag to put our shoes. For information, we weren't allowed to use any covers when stepping inside. The gate was almost 4m in height.

Once I got in, I was amazed with the artistic design of the house, the paintings details on the wall, and the ceiling structure. The Reclining Buddha is placed in the center of the building, surrounded by pillars and fences which made me difficult to get a maximal shot of the Buddha statue itself.

I can't deny seeing another tourists were like another enjoyment for me. I was asking one or two of them to help taking pictures of me and mom, when our other group members were also busy with their cameras.

Thailand's students were having trip to Wat Pho
Near the pillars that surrounding the Buddha, there are many mini-Buddha statues placed for people praying.

And here another interesting object: the foot of Buddha, Mother of Pearl. There are 108 arranged panels displaying the auspicious symbols; identifying Buddha to be resemble like flowers, dancers, white elephants, tigers and altar accessories. Over the statue, there is a seven tiered umbrella representing the authority of Thailand.

This 108 characters are reflected in 108 bronze bowls in the corridor. Visitors can drop coins in these bowls which believed can bring good fortune and to help the monks maintain the wat. You will have to pay 20 Baht to buy the coins.

My mom is dropping the coins... What a long passage...

Outside the temple, the grounds contain 91 chedis (stupas or mounds), four viharas (halls) and a bot (central shrine). 71 chedis of smaller size contains the ashes of the royal family, and 21 large ones contain the ashes of Buddha. I was able to take a picture with some young monks there but decided not to publish the photo. Wat pho is located near the Grand Palace where you can take a few shots of it.

Fountain at the yard
Souvenirs are plenty outside the area, near the entrance gate. You can reach it once you exit Wat Pho; Buddha statues, umbrella, hats. Do a little bargain is acceptable I guess.

I bought one of this hats for 150 baht (around IDR 50,000 ~ $6 ), they will give you 200 Baht at first. Actually the price is already cheap since this hat is so pretty!

Bangles for 100 Baht (around IDR 35,000 or $4) expensive or cheap? I would say pretty much expensive, hahaha... But it looks classy however, so, ok, it's not a big deal.

And a Thuk-Thuk was greeting us a good-bye when we're about leaving the Wat Pho.

See you again!

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