Review : Warung Sejolie, C3 Hotel - Ungaran

by - Kamis, Januari 23, 2014

Perhaps I need to re-consider my bf''s advice to buy a powerbank when I have to be outside way far from the electricity to recharge my 'brain'. Lol. Somehow my world would ruin without gadgets, you may say so. I usually bring my multi-plug outlet with me, just to feed my tech-kids. But that won't work either, lately, simply, it's too obvious when I would patiently sit in a restaurant or cafe, only to wait (deliberately) for all the batteries to be full charged. Living with idleness are killing me for sure.

But, unexpectedly on my last trip, I found a cafe where I want to stay a bit longer.

Warung Sejolie or in English 'Stall For Couple', located in Jalan Diponegoro, Ungaran, Central Java. Both my parent found this restaurant during their way back to Bandung several months ago before for the second time took me (and other family members) back here and did some treats.

At that time we were searching for a place we can have a dinner at, but it's already late to get to the city to  find a restaurant which still open. Then my father said he knew a place we can take some rest for a while (after being inside the car for almost 8 hours!), so this was the place he suggested.

I wasn't hoping much at that time, what concerned me most was I just needed a place where I can charge my gadgets. That would be enough. Haha. But, surprisingly this restaurant (despite its name which claimed as a stall) was quiet something; relaxing was what appeared on my mind at first. Very clean yet comfortable. We picked to sit on a sofa at the corner when the waitress greeted my mom for her second visit and soon handling the menu list.

It even has a PC where you can use the internet for free.

Anyway, this restaurant actually part of a hotel named C3 Hotel.

Risol Holland of Warung Sejolie
I ordered a plate of Risol Holland which was so delicious and yummy as appetizer. And for my dinner I chose ribs soup to warm my belly.

Affordable price, delicious taste - though not the best, I simply fall in love with this restaurant.

Binggrae, Korean Ice Cream
Ah, they also sell Binggrae ice cream (looked like Korean products), but I didn't buy it since it's already 8 pm and I wasn't used to eat cold things at night. (I wonder if I can find it in Bandung).

And menu list if you'd like to peak.

If you happen to be in Central Java or is about heading to Ungaran, I do really suggest you to try this homy restaurant.

See you!

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