Sail Me to Wat Arun, Dear Chao Praya

by - Selasa, Januari 07, 2014

Step by step, I hastened my pace, didn't know where I'm going to. Won't you take me home? Won't we go somewhere more beautiful, brighter place? Will you take me to a place where I can feel the blue sky more? Will you lead me to a place, quiet enough so I can sense the nature, so I can hear the water sprinkling through my ears?

Then, take me there.

Local market along the road to Chao Praya
You let me walked through the market, showed me the salted fishes you like, confused me whether should I buy all of these or just let them kept on my memory?

Local market along the road to Chao Praya
I didn't understand until you smiled and there was the bridge. 

We're about to sail! I know it, we're going to catch the blue sky, I'm going to listen to the singing water, the splash sound.

Sailing Through Chao Praya River
Chao Praya River, I wish I can sail further more than I did.

Wat Arun
By now I was so mesmerized toward Wat Arun. I wanted to catch it so bad just like the way I always wanted to reach my only love.

Wat Arun
 I thought there would be fun if I could get inside it. But....

Souvenirs on Wat Arun
 They think buying souvenirs are more important.

Souvenirs on Wat Arun
 And the most important thing, only.

Souvenirs on Wat Arun
 Well, that's ok. I will sail again next time.

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