Enjoy Nasi Liwet in (Waduk) Cirata Dam

by - Selasa, Februari 04, 2014

Cirata Artificial Lake
Hail to the month of love! Happy February! And, though it's late, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! Wish everyone had an unforgettable dinner and family gathering. Sure, I got angpao. *cough.

Well, speaking of angpao (yes! that red little but thick envelope, lol), one of my colleagues blatantly said "I wish this would be the last year I receive angpao," lol. I hope you got what she meant. Yes! She wished to get marry next year (or soon), I can't expect but happiness along her. She's such a nice girl, anyway. And we're good friends.

Enough about the new year, now, let's make thing short. I've just came back from my short weekend escape to... A dam. Eh? Now you ask, me too. I had never been to a dam before too, but some times ago my bf's sister posted some pictures on her facebook about her previous visit to this dam which, for me, was quiet something. Its name is Waduk Cirata, waduk is literally a dam.

Nope. I had no idea about this place either, so I googled. Located in Tegal Waru village, Plered, Purwakarta, West Java, we took about 2,5 hours to reach there (by motorcycle -80 km/h), traffic included. It's said to be the largest hydroelectric power generation in South East Asia, can't be more proud of it.

But, before heading straight to the dam itself, I was having a chance to visit an artificial lake which also happened to be part of the project. Cirata lake, which located in Citarum river basin and built around 1982-1987 with approx. 6,035 ha. The entrance fee was only IDR 3,000 (less than $1)

You will first got through the rocky roads, many stalls with their almost similar menu: Nasi Liwet, couldn't wait to welcome you. Only five minutes before you will found a line of huts and see what's behind them.

Cirata Artificial Lake.

The picture wasn't good enough, probably the rest were. Can't blame the weather, it was terribly cloudy. But, well, I really enjoyed my time being here. The wind breezed so fresh, it was green and what a nice feeling deep inside. I saw people were fishing at the edge of the lake. Some ducks enjoyed the water, chickens running around and some goats, which almost got near me and freaked me out!

Frankly speaking, when I said their special menu is Nasi Liwet, it meant, no other better than this. So we ordered a fresh grilled fishes accompanied with hot nasi liwet.

Nasi Liwet is rice cooked in coconut milk and chicken broth, it's savory and delicious! Moreover when you're about to enjoy the nature surrounded by cold fresh air

We ordered 1,5 kg fish and 1,5 litre rice and it costed only IDR 80,000 for 5 persons! And the chilly, oh you'll soon addicted!

IDR 80,000 all in!
And we also happened to buy fresh coconut! Yay~ complete package. Only IDR 8,000!

Been years...

And not to mention, we sailed on a boat too. We had the opportunity to encircle the lake, rent a boat for only IDR 40,000.

It was great, afterall. Only if they can do something to keep the nature free from rubbish, all those trash cans and plastics. I feel pity, because this object is surely something.

On the boat.
 2 hours were spent around the lake before finally we moved toward the dam, the real one, our main object.

It took about 30 minutes or so, you'll then see the power station construction. Can't believe that this object is opened for visitors where everyone access this site for free (ignoring the IDR 5,000 parking fee). You will see bunch of people do jogging, do some photo hunting, or perhaps modelling with thick foundation on their face (I don't know but it looked funny, somehow), dating, or just a group of first-timer (like meh!).

Enjoy the scenery!

I hope people can enjoy here too someday :) dam is a great tourist spot too, however.

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9 komentar

  1. Love ur pics mak.. Hope someday i could go there too.. :)

    1. Thank you, you should be here :) affordable ^^

  2. Wow, I don't know Purwakarta has this charming dam. Nice info & pics. But, ehm... I guess rubbish is the common thing that ruin so many beautiful places in Indonesia :(.

    Warm greet from Bandung :)

    1. Yes, hope they will realize how to treasure beautiful place like this. It's a great asset though.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Moudy! I've never been to Cirata, looks like a wonderful place to visit. Btw, is it close enough to Jatiluhur as well?

    1. Since I took my route from Bandung, they said to get to jatiluhur we still need couple of hours. Plan to go there in the future :)

  4. love this place...i wanna go there,someday.... ^^

    1. Hopefully :) and by the time you're here, this place can be more beautiful.

  5. wow, amazing..

    a great pics and excellent in written. *envy* hehe


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