Report: Pesta Sahabat Daihatsu 2013, A Superb Party

by - Selasa, Desember 24, 2013

Today I would like to continue sharing my experience attending 'Pesta Sahabat Daihatsu 2013' - (lit. Best Friend's Party by Daihatsu). As I have mentioned on my previous post, I was lucky to be chosen as one of 26 blogger finalists from their blog competition. We were invited to join the blogger gathering and later on got a chance to witness their big party.

The blogger gathering lasted for about 2 hours or so, it was 5 pm when we got out of the meeting room at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta. I was then asked to do a registration at the nearly booth to get a Daihatsu T-Shirt which I had to wear on the party and also to choose the doorprize number - yeah, we didn't take our number randomly but we just simply said what number we'd like to sign in, and mine was number 8, my fave.

The funny story is, the fact that we, all bloggers were given a Daihatsu T-shirt each for the event was so unexpected. We already had this discussion, among female bloggers, about what should we wear during the party, some of us had planned to wear 'kebaya' - traditional cloth from Javanese culture, along with the wig. I even shouted I would wear kimono -though eventually I brought my long coat. And... how pointless that in the end we had to wear the same shirt just to mark our presence. Lol.

We were told to gather at the lobby at 5.30 pm, only 30 minutes remaining so I was in a hurry to get in the room which already booked by Daihatsu in order to prepare myself. I was sharing the room with another fellow blogger, Mrs. Nia Haryanto, who was also from Bandung, and some additional members, Ms. Ria Citinjaks and Mrs. Mutia Karamoy. They are from Jakarta so they got no room specially booked for them from Daihatsu, perhaps they thought why Jakarta people must spend a night in a Jakarta's hotel? Well, why should be a problem, can't everyone have a same opportunity? that's a bit unfair actually. 

Well, I thought I would have a chance to take a bath, but we were all losing ourselves and got busy immediately for taking pictures inside the room. Blogger, you say. So I didn't take a bath, also the other bloggers, please forgive us. I just washed my face and re-applied my make-up.

Around 6.30 pm we all went to Djakarta Theater Building XXI by bus, how awesome because our bus was guarded by the police. 

Was in extremely hurry, all bloggers wore same shirt.
Don't complain about the picture quality
Once arrived, we were then pleased to join the buffet dinner along with others; invitees and finalists from another competition aside blogging. So many Indonesian menus were served and how cool, we were also entertained by live music. It was awesome.

Around 7.35 pm, we were then informed to enter the theater cause the event was about to start. 

Inside Djakarta Theater Building XXI 
That was my first time to be inside Djakarta Theater Building XXI, I sat on the middle row, which specially served for bloggers. Sadly there weren't stairs to level each row, so poor to all people who sat on the back row, like me. I couldn't see the stage clearly because of their heads -you will soon notice it on my next pictures.

Surprisingly the whole room turned into pitch black and suddenly I heard loud banging drums sound along with awesome lighting effects from the stage. Yeah, the opening! For about 20 minutes I was charmed by all of the performances, such as the two energetic women playing drums and group of ladies dancing with blue mesmerizing dress.

After that we were watching all of the winners performances from several competitions which Daihatsu had held at previous IIMS 2013, including : cheerleading competition, singing competition, vocal group competition, also dance competition. I didn't remember names of each winner, but perhaps I notice that the singer was Louise Anny or something, she was one of the winner from singing competition.

This 'Pesta Sahabat Daihatsu 2013' was meant to celebrate the 105th years of Daihatsu, how incredible! I also had a chance to hear speech from Tatsuya Kaneko - Vice President Daihatsu Motor Company, Ltd. (DMC), Sudirman MR - President Director PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM),  and Djony Bunarto Tjondro - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PT Astra International Tbk — Daihatsu Sales Operation (Al-DSO). Anyway, this event was hosted by Ayu Dewi and Obi, you just can't imagine how fun it was!

Then, the highlights: announcing all the winners from each competition I mentioned on the previous post: Daihatsu Everywhere (Photography contest), Sales Eco Driving (driving contest), Hijau Bersama Daihatsu/'Green With Daihatsu' (a best turtle conservation ideas competition), Sehat Bersama Daihatsu/Healthy With Daihatsu (Best Integrated Service Post) and Pintar Bersama Daihatsu/Smart with Daihatsu (Form of appreciation toward the head of education department) and of course... Blog Review Competition.

My heart was beating so fast when the MCs were announcing each name of blog competition's winners, one by one. Five winners had been announced but there wasn't my name. Ah, I didn't win... Well, congratulation to all of them, there wasn't any regret cause, you know, I do admit they deserved for their writings were good and even beyond my thoughts. I learned a lot and will try to do more next time.

And, as for closing, you wouldn't believe me who would the guest performance be. It's The Dance Company! Aw! I even recently often listen to their songs, I realize their style is just so unique with catchy lyrics. I just couldn't get my eyes off otf them; Baim, Nugie, Aryo Wahab, and Pongky just never failed to impress me.

Luckily, there was no time to pity myself for not winning since I won a seated massage cushion from my doorprize, lucky 8! Though I was thinking that probably I wouldn't got any luck on doorprize (well, actually I already had my eye to LED TV as the main reward). But, it was all good! (Although in the end, I had to cancel my plan to visit Monas and Sea World while I was in Jakarta the next day, since this seated cushion is heavy and I just couldn't bring it with me anywhere).

So, on the next day, I returned to Bandung directly (bye, Ancol. Bye, Monas. Bye, Sea World. When will I visit you?). Afterall, it was a great experience and I will never forget it! Who would, by the way. There will be more blog competition next year, hope that I could participate (and win).

For now, these souvenirs from Daihatsu would be my motivations to write more.

Thanks for reading, see you on my next post!

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