Review: Ichiriki Ramen Jl. Riau Bandung: Taste The Real Japanese Ramen

by - Minggu, Juni 15, 2014

The sound of J-pop song warmly greeted me once I stepped into this Japanese-stall decorated restaurant, Ichiriki Ramen. It was a nice afternoon accompanied with good weather in Bandung afterall, simply a perfect time to treat your belly with a bowl of ramen and refreshing your mood with cold ocha (Japanese tea). So here, today I wanted to share my recent visit to Japanese restaurant in Bandung.

While enjoying some artificial sakura flowers in every corner, I took my time exploring this ramen restaurant located at Jl. R.E.E. Martadinata (Riau) No. 112, Bandung which previously named yataimura. Before changing its name to be Ichiriki, they were offering various authentic Japanese dishes located in Jl. Setiabudhi. Well, since May 23 2014 they decided to specialize their menu into bringing authentic Japanese ramen as their main signature.

In fact, my presence that day was due invitation by Ichiriki itself, awesome and thanks! We had a chance to meet Mr. Anto the manager, he shared us the story like adopting the yatai (cart) concept for this restaurant, so customers would feel as if being in a Japan's food street area with various Japanese menu ready to be ordered: yakitori, ichiriki ramen (the signature dish), teppan tasuke, sushitaro (not available at the moment), and takohachi. It's fun to stalk how your food is made by the way! But in fact, Ichiriki main goal for now is to be the no. 1 ramen authentic ramen restaurant in Bandung, since he promised preserving the real taste of Japanese in this restaurant. 

My seat was quiet a hidden spot, just to have myself comfortably observed the entire restaurant secretly while waiting for my lunch.

It took about less than 20 minutes until all my orders completely served and wow... It smelled delicious and the portion was quiet large! Really can't wait to taste it.

Tan tan men - Ichiriki Ramen, Bandung
I ordered tan tan men, which Mr. Anto claimed to be special ramen since the sauce contains atari goma (sesame paste), resulting a tempting fragrant. After personally tasted it, I agreed that this ramen is definitely must-try. Somehow this tan tan men resembles a lot with chicken curry, but it's more savory and without chili - simply met my taste perfectly. I love how they made the egg to be half-boiled.

Gyuniku ramen - Ichiriki ramen Bandung
Next, I had myself trying gyuniku ramen with 2 slices of beef katsu (tenderloin) and original ramen sauce. In my opinion, it has more subtle flavor comparing with my previous tan tan men, good thing it wasn't spicy too. If you'd like to have a spicy ramen, you can go for tori pirikara ramen with minced beef, instead or... You can simply add one or two teaspoon of togarashi (chili pepper) which already on every table.

Tako cheese - Ichiriki ramen, Bandung
Last, I was saving a little space to try the tako cheese which surprisingly superbs! Too bad, I was full I couldn't go for more than 2 takos, lol. I missed it a lot when I think about it.

Enjoying cold ocha with Daruma-san
Anyway, I found it was interesting to find daruma doll in each table :) daruma doll is believed to bring good luck in Japanese. How I really want to bring this home!

Overall, I enjoyed all the menus offered here. I've never been to Japan so actually I didn't know when they said "Preserving the real taste of Japan" - Was this how Japanese ramen really taste? Wow, then it's good, it's more savory than the other ramen I've ever had. Although, I found the noodle in my tan tan men was a bit overcooked :( but still I was quiet cheered up with the taste of the sauce. So.. No sulking face.

Daruma Otoshi!
The ambiance of the restaurant was actually homy, took some pictures and people may think you're in Japan, lol! Just, there were times I felt uneasy by the weather, since the restaurant located in open-area, we just need more plants to produce more fresh air (if it's impossible to attach air-conditioner/electric fan). Some tables were too close each other it limited the flowing activities - moreover when every table is filled with customers. I found myself couldn't freely go through from cart to cart when the restaurant is full to make orders.

Well, it's acceptable though since they're new in this area, hope they'll grow more. Anyway, it's pleasant to check at their price, they offer every ramen for only IDR 20,000 (US $ 2). Quiet affordable, right?

I hope I can find another free time to visit this restaurant again. With you?

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  1. The ramen looks so delicious!

  2. Eating ramen for the first time. The real one. In cozy place. And it's FREE!
    Thanks Ichiriki Ramen and #BloggerBDG.


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