Review: Palio, Resorts World Sentosa (Hotel Michael)

by - Senin, Juni 02, 2014

Continuing my Singapore's winning trip, sponsored by Resorts World Sentosa, I want to share what we had there for dinner on our first day. Mrs. Anggi, our contact person, had scheduled for all of us (11 bloggers) to have a dinner at Palio, Italian Restaurant. OMG! Never been to an authentic (real) Italian restaurant before! Well, I eat spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni, pizza, but had never really known about the "exact" taste of the Italian taste, so... Wow... I just couldn't wait until it got 7 PM!

Located in the lobby area of Hotel Michael, I was greatly impressed with the orange-theme interior; using an open-concept kitchen, the designer combined various material without making the space look crowded, great sense, feeling cozy yet classy. There is a pizza oven covered with brick-like material in the center, marble pantry for serving, the ornaments though seemed to be spread in every corner, you just love and enjoy to observe them until your dishes coming.

The waitress are nice and very attentive, they kindly share information about menu and even waited patiently when I got confused for what should I order (I want all of them!).

So my order goes to... Yes, you had seen it on the first picture! And to be clear... THIS!

Maialetto (SGP $38)
Grilled Kurobuta pork loin served with Palio mashed potatoes and capsicum "peperonata" shallot and port wine sauce.

At first I was hesitate about the servings, they look a bit.. small.. And, I don't think it's enough compared to my usual portion, but, lol, in the end, I was fully satisfied with this choice (I tent to change my mind and ordered beef steak, but looking other bloggers, they seemed mesmerized by this menu, so I... Decided not going for steak, ehehe). The pork was so tender and easily chewed. The sauce was perfect - not too salty nor sweet. Even the mashed potatoes - I even thought that the potatoes was mayonnaise! Cause the texture was just too smooth and the taste was also good (it's seriously different by mashed potatoes I've ever made, HAHA!).

Maybe Susan noticed the way I dipped my pork into the potatoes, treating it like sauce until she intentionally ate like a real mashed potatoes. Ahaha. Shame on me!

Anyway, my drink was Lychee Ice Tea (SGP $8) which was awesome! It works good neutralizing the pork inside me.

How I really want to go here again. Sadly that we didn't have a chance to try the breakfast buffet, is it a sign that I should go there for my next holiday ???

Taking pictures with the chef
We are (Top, left-right): Sarah, Venus, Astri, Mr. Chef, Adam, Susan, Me, Edo, Fahmi.
(bottom, left-right): Roy, Adis
Photo courtesy of Astri//kopiholico

Anyway, thanks a bunch Resorts World Sentosa!

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