Review: Dead Sea Black Mud Soap From Beauty Is Mine

by - Selasa, Oktober 29, 2013

Few years ago my mom often received vary of free souvenirs from relatives who went to Holy Land, among them was dead sea-black mud mask. Well, I never thought joining my mom to apply it on my skin, it looked disgusting judging from its appearance (black and muddy, no wonder) so I was let her doing that alone and watched it. Now, I regretted all my acts! Why? Cause I've just realized: what a waster. So many advantages our skin would obtain from dead-sea. Aw, I wish I had the same interest to try dead sea mask too back then since too bad, we never received that anymore, #sob!

But, hey, I received this free offer a while ago, a dead-sea black mud soap!

A twitter account contacted me some times ago offering a free black mud soap worth IDR 50,000 (US $5), they said I only need to pay the shipping which cost IDR 12,000 (US$ 1). Actually I was hesitate whether that was for real, but in the end decided to give it a go. Why not? You don't get this everyday. Also I've asked (interrogated in disguise) other twitter accounts who looked like ever tried the products and received similar offer (since they looked having real conversation/'mention' with the seller about the transaction), they answered that this seller is recommended and how the product is absolutely works out.

So, here! I got the soap! You can check their store here. Very small.

 Observing the soap physically, it has no scent at all, has a smooth surface and doesn't contain any scrub.

What makes me curious was, the appearance look different from the picture on their website about the soap. It doesn't have 'Jericho' word carved on the soap, in fact no word at all. I tried to confirm this with the seller but their answer added another question mark. They said that they are selling "Beauty is Mine" brand, not "Jericho", but how come they claim their product as "Jericho" skin care. Scam? Fake? I don't try to accuse, just wondering if someone can clear this up.

Jericho Skin Care Apperance from the website
Well, I tried to be ignorance and decided to share the soap with my mother (as usual), so we both can use this together. But unexpectedly, this soap can't be cut! Otherwise, it broke into pieces, how annoying. It's really fragile.

Oh well, whatever then, I gathered the pieces, hoped for I could join them again. But sadly, it won't blend just like regular soap, how unlucky.

After all, I tried this soap onto my body and face. It produces less foam than any other soap, which I dislike. I love foam. And the result? I didn't feel any, no significant result, just so-so.

I have several acnes but it won't reduce or even heal it, doesn't work on my scars and blemishes too. Ah... How suspicious. Because when I browsed over Jericho website, dead sea black mud could result glowing skin, healing power over psoriasis, eczema, and acne, also hydrating, anti-aging treatment, and get rid of impurities.

I'm (just) so curious over this product, I won't buy another one. 

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