Review: Sariayu Alas Bedak (Foundation) Energizing Aromatic Kuning Langsat

by - Senin, Oktober 14, 2013

Most Indonesian women must have known Sariayu Martha Tilaar brand, for its massive beauty products ranging from skincare to makeups. Since my mother era and now me, and even today, this brand has reached multiple generations not only 40's and 30's but also teens (though with different brand-series). Sariayu products, well, for me personally, really know well the condition of most Indonesian's women skin; lives in tropical country with brown/yellow skin color. That's why once I got to know make-ups, I would choose this brand, not only because their popularity but also it's affordable.

So, today I want to review one of their make-up products: alas bedak kuning langsat or in English, 'foundation' for yellowish/olive skin color.

Product Description
Name : SARIAYU Alas Bedak Energizing Aromatic Kuning Langsat
Brand : Sariayu Martha Tilaar
Availability : Common, in Indonesia (every department store) - online store
Price : ~IDR 7,000-9,000

Well, as you see the price is less than US$ 1, this was my main reason why I bought this. I used to wear foundation from my dermatologist back then (as a skincare) and one time I decided to leave all my prescription and start using common products.

I found this product easily in department store in my city, I thought way this was cheap compared to other foundation from another brands. It claims to contain sunscreen (Well, I notice there is titanium dioxide written in ingredients) and moisturizer to keep skin subtle and smooth. Quiet promising, I thought.

The packaging is made from plastic, easy to open and even to squeeze. The cream would come out easily. Yes, it's in cream form, not to thick, quiet easy to apply. But, always remember to put the cover on after you use it, since the leftover cream around the tube would dry quickly and clog the hole.

To begin with, I have some acne scars, redness and big pores to cover. This foundation luckily match my skin tone pretty well. But always make sure to use sunscreen since I'm not really sure about its spf value. Anyway, my skin can be so dry sometimes so I have to apply my moisturizer first before using this foundation, otherwise it will leave white cast in certain area and difficult to blend. 

This covers my face skin for around 3-4 hours during daytime (with 23-25 deg C, my city temperature) before I have to re-apply my powder to cover my imperfect skin. The good thing, it doesn't leave my skin oily but be careful to remove this foundation completely when the day ends, or you will find your skin dull.

Rate : 3.5/5

Will I buy this? Yes.
Personally because this is cheap and I can use this when I don't need to be outside, under the sun exposure (perhaps, night occasion). Eventhough it couldn't last for more than 3 hours, but for the first 2 hours, it has a good coverage, and I love it. I don't recommend to use it for day-time activities since I don't know about the percentage of its sunscreen.

Well, compared to other foundation product/BB Cream which usually cost more than US$5, this one is pretty good for a beginner in make-up like me and for daily practice how to use foundation properly ^^

See you!

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