Daihatsu and Viva, A Blogger Gathering Terios 7 Wonders Hidden Paradise 2013

by - Selasa, Desember 17, 2013

Ps. I tried to be on time, lol.

Last month, I joined a blog competition held by Daihatsu, wrote about 7 pages A4 size reviewing about their "Terios 7 Wonders Hidden Paradise" road trip event. I was desperately praying for I could -at least, chosen to be one of the finalists. Well, I wasn't that optimist to be able stand as a winner at that time, fact that I never succeed on winning manly blog competitions reduced my confidence a lot, somehow. So, I was like, to be one of the finalists would be more than enough. 

And what's the news? Thank's God, I'm in! Among 107 bloggers who had participated on the competition I was among the 26 finalists to be invited to Jakarta, the capital, to attend a blogger gathering and also Daihatsu grand party "Pesta Sahabat" on December 14th 2013.

Few days after announcing the finalists through web, a representative from Public Relations of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, Mr. Guntur Kusuma contacted me by phone to inform the itinerary details, including how should I go to Jakarta and the way they will provide me hotel and accommodations, ah, how lucky!

Actually I wasn't that ready myself, you know, I was busy at work -since it's about Christmas holiday so I have no more day-off left. While on the other hand, bf was greatly holding me back from going alone. This is insane! I've been waiting for this moment and I just couldn't let it go, I crazily insisted both my parent and bf to let me, I made sure that everything would be alright, I even mentioned one of my fellow bloggers from Kumpulan Emak Blogger community, Mrs. Nia Haryanto, explaining that we've promised to go together. 

Although I got the permission, in the end, it's decided that I couldn't travel with Mrs Nia since it'd take a long time for us to meet, we live in the same city, but separated quiet far away. As a result, bf accompanied me to Jakarta. So, let's meet on Jakarta, I teased her.

I went to Jakarta by X-Trans, a travel car. A bit hasty and unorganized, the fact I bought the ticket just 30 minutes before we go. But, things turned out well in the end, thank you to my iphone GPS, you worked well so I arrived to the referred place in time. 3 hours Bandung - Jakarta, the road never been so good!

Mr. Guntur
The blogger gathering took place in Arya Duta Hotel, Jalan Prapatan 44 Jakarta, in Kwitang area. This hotel is popular as Arya Duta Tugu Tani. It's better to say that way rather than mentioning the complete address since my taxi driver even didn't recognize it before I said its second nickname: Arya Duta Kwitang.

3 PM on Monas 5 meeting room, Mr. Guntur was ready to open the gathering. I sat on the very front row just to be able taking their pictures clearly -but, guess, my photos are still bad. It was lucky they didn't launch a live tweet contest during the gathering, cause I couldn't guarantee my phone battery would stay any longer (my phone was drained cause of that newly-installed iOS 7!).

The first speaker on the blogger gathering was Mr. Rio Sanggau, the Domestic Marketing Division Head of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor. He opened the gathering by sharing his experience while working in Daihatsu. In recent years, Daihatsu has been the leading company to provide compact family cars in Indonesia. With its tagline 'Sahabat' (=best friends, lit. in English), not only the product, but the atmosphere of working in Daihatsu is warm and welcome, just like sharing life with your best friends, he explained.

Then, he continued explaining about the "Pesta Sahabat" which would be held later at night. During 2013, Daihatsu had launched so many programs to show their appreciation toward public through 4 main sectors: health, education, mid-level business (UMKM), ecosystem (go green). As a proof, they had created  so many competitions aside the blog contest; Daihatsu Everywhere (Photography contest), Sales Eco Driving (driving contest), Hijau Bersama Daihatsu/'Green With Daihatsu' (a best turtle conservation ideas competition), Sehat Bersama Daihatsu/Healthy With Daihatsu (Best Integrated Service Post) and Pintar Bersama Daihatsu/Smart with Daihatsu (Form of appreciation toward the head of education department).

And that night, all the finalists from each competition were invited to the awarding night at "Pesta Sahabat". Yeah, I was there too! Mr. Sanggau also sent his gratitude specially for us, bloggers, who had fully supported Daihatsu by writing many topics about them leading their traffic to reach number 1 at Alexa, wow, I even got no number yet.

Daihatsu is aware toward the rapid growing of internet users and interested to include bloggers in every of their event. So, in return, 

Next year, 2014, be ready bloggers! Daihatsu will launch more and massive blog competitions!

Food blog competition, travel blog competition, another road trip with Terios 7 Wonders, you name it! And, spoiler, next year, they even will reach Wakatobi, Sulawesi Island. Slurp, yummy! And don't forget, all the finalists would be invited to Pesta Sahabat 2014

The second speaker is Akhmad Fauzi aka Mr. Dest from Indonesian News Portal, Viva.Co.Id. As a social media specialist, he intended to share some tips and tricks to drive more traffic to our blog. Of course, nowadays everything is about online business, and how to maximize blog and social media as marketing tools are definitely important!

First, he described how people lately are using one of the following internet social network features: blog, forum, social media, and micro blogging. All the things mentioned are applications which built under web technology 2.0 which are capable to generate user content.

Looking back to history, old people were using postal service or even telegraph to exchange information, here, nowadays, information and news are everywhere. That's why, even social media has growth more than just for friending, merely information, or existence, even narcissism, but into promotion. Fact has proven how social media can be so effective to bring the brand message to consumers and in return, consumers can share their experience directly: good or bad thing.

But still people have to be careful with things they're saying since everything may happen; followers may come or they may leave you.

So that's how Mr. Dest was trying to promote Log.Viva.Co.Id as Indonesian number 1 blog aggregator. He claimed that viva has around 12 million unique browsers per month and would like to share its page views with Indonesian bloggers by sharing their blog content.

I've known this viva portal for a year, and so far I love the idea of blog aggregator. I could notice significant traffic coming from viva everytime I share my writings to their site and it's brilliant! But, unluckily it's only available for Indonesian-written blogs only. How about English written blog, like me?

Now I have to search for another blog aggregator. So, where do you think I should go, readers?


Well, that's my story attenting the blogger gathering by Daihatsu and Viva on December 14th 2013.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I noticed it's tugu tani when I was on my way back home heheeeee

  2. @daihatsuID kalau buat acarra memang T.O.P BGT, sayangnya gak bisa kopdaran tahun ini, tahun lalu sudah jadi finalis seeh :D


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