Review: Wardah Hydrogloss (04) Glazing Plum

by - Senin, Desember 23, 2013

Finding correct colors for my lips looks like a never ending journey as for me. I've been trying to achieve so much natural look but seems my oh-not-so-red lips are hard to find her match. I've been wasting my time to find red, pink, brown lipstick but they just seem make my face look even paler or (sometimes, somehow) extremely bitchy. Lol. So, I've been restraining myself and said I would be enough just with common lip-gloss.

But, hey, some times ago I received a gift package with this lip inside it: Wardah Hydrogloss number 04: Glazing Plum. Oopsie, now I just simply fall in love with this cutie. How come? Let's take a look.

The Packaging

The product is wrapped by a blue paper box, not so rigid and it was quiet messed up already when I received it. But, well, acceptable.

Netto 3.8 g. Ah, I wonder how long would I spend this.

Now, let's open up the box and this is what I got. Just can't resist myself to immediately try it. 

I think it's quiet cool and feminine, at the same time.

The Ingredients

It's written: lipstick with soft colour and also maintain lips moisturizer all day with aloe vera extract, squalane & vitamin E. So, what we got here? Aloe vera is water plant that has been so popular for treating chapped lips and dry lips, it contains rich vitamin E. Vitamin E is a good antioxidant, which able to fight against the skin cell damage that believed to be caused by free radicals. Awesome! And squalane, it protects the skin from moisture loss and provides a shield for the body from environmental toxins. This sounds promising.

The ingredients are kindly stated here:

The Swatch

Let's move to the swatch color. Judging from the color appearance, I thought this lipstick would be so glamour red, dazzling red, you name it.

I, first, even feel scared to apply it since I have no confidence to wear red lipstick up until now. But I keep saying "This is gloss, lipgloss, right? This should be alright, then,"

Surprisingly it turns out to be less red than I thought. I even barely could see it with only one-time brush. The swatch I took here was about two or three times brushing. It's so soft and light, easy to apply and it does contain fragrance on it.

The Look

I tried to make two comparisons on my picture. The left is without flash and the right one is using flash. What do you think?

Even my colleagues said this matches me well. Love it. And yes, it does cure my recent chapped lips faster (aside using baking soda to scrub my lips). I love to wear this daily and for treatment. Just can't get enough of this.

Definitely recommended and will buy again. It's about IDR 30,000 or $3, Wardah is an Indonesian brand so I hesitate if it's available outside Indonesia. Anyway, what is your favorite lipgloss?

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