Review: Firmoo Glasses #F027

by - Senin, Desember 02, 2013

Have wore contact lenses for around than 10 years, I guess there are times you're just feeling tired of it and want to switch to glasses. again. Lately I kept memorizing my childhood, my ups and downs with glasses mostly (I broke so many of my eyeglasses back then, lol). Until I reached point where I want to wear eyeglasses again.

I was looking around for cool glasses where I read another blogger's reviews about Firmoo that claimed as world's most popular online eyeglasses store. I spent some time browsing about their products and find they provide many interesting stuffs that attract me a lot -not to mention, so many promos!

So, my choose went to this sexy blue eyeglasses (blue is my favorite color), which only $39.00. Filling the specific number for eyeglasses can be quiet troublesome as for me, since I didn't have any prescription neither went to optic to check my current numbers, such as Pupillary Distance (PD), Sphere (SPH), Cylinder (CYL)Axis, or Addition (near) ADD. But, still you can upload your picture to visually imagine how will you look like with the glass. In the end I only ordered it as fashion glasses without prescription.

The ordering system in Firmoo is pretty easy. First we only have to make an account, make our order and choose the payment system (visa or paypal). The shipping fee to Indonesia costed around ~$18.

The glasses price includes 1.50 single vision lenses and there will be additional fee if you prefer not to use the standard lens offered. The other options are: Thin and Light (1.57), Thinner and Lighter (1.57 Aspheric ), MR-8 (1.61 Similar to Polycarbonate), Polycarbonate (1.59), Super Thin (1.60 Aspheric ), Ultra Thin (1.67 Aspheric ), As Thin as possible (1.74 Aspheric ), and Polarized Lens (1.5)

It took about 2 weeks until my first Firmoo pair knocked my door from Nanjing via EMS. And guess what? This is really cool! It comes just exactly like the picture. It comes with a protective spectacle case, an eyeglass bag and pieces of micro-fibre lens cloth.

I love this blue and yellow color combination. What do you think?

It's very light, now I'm afraid to break it.

The back of the glasses temple is showing the 'Firmoo' brand and my type.

It's very thin indeed, it looks so fashionable. But sadly, I have an oily face that this glasses keep sliding on my nose, lol. I need to add nose pad for this reason in the future. 

But so far, I just love this eyeglasses a lot. I intend to change the lens too to match my real prescription.

Do I look good with this glasses? Do you want to make an order in Firmoo next time? You'd be hurry, there are so many gift vouchers in Firmoo right now. Head to Firmoo then.

See you!

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  1. oh wow, this looks smashing on you! :D <3
    i've recently had a chance to experience them as well and now they are my daily glasses. i'm planning to order another one with brighter color as well.


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