Ayam Goreng Mentega

by - Kamis, Agustus 08, 2013

The everyone-can-cook dish, yay~ the easiest ever. I got the recipe here. Chicken price is getting more expensive as we get closer to Eid Mubarak Celebration. It's already IDR 35,000. Aghk!


3 pcs chicken
1 tsp lemon juice
1 onion, sliced ​
2 garlic, chopped
1 tbs worcestershire sauce (kecap Inggris)
5 tbs soy sauce (kecap manis)
1 scallion
Margarine for sauteing
Cooking oil


1. Marinate the chicken with lemon, salt, and pepper. Let it for 30 minutes.
2. Fry chicken until cooked and browned. Remove and drain.
3. Heat margarine. Saute onion and garlic, let marinade
4. Add worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, salt, pepper and sugar. Mix well.
5. Add chicken and scallion. Mix well and cook for another 6-10 minutes.

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