Bukit Moko, Bandung: Feel The Sky

by - Minggu, Agustus 11, 2013

August 10th is my birthday. Yes. Today is my birthday. Thank you, but I made no party, so, sorry. After two years celebrating my day without my only love -since he was so busy back then, finally this year had been a special one for me. Accompanying me for a whole day, what could I ask for more? I asked him if we can just celebrate this together, only two of us, in a special place, and he said yes.

So we found this place from the internet. Bukit Moko, the highest point in Bandung, 1,500 m above the sea level. A place to share beautiful moments, place for lovers, place for gathering, hiking spots, and adventurer, perhaps you may want to visit here someday?

How to get there?

Thanks to internet, lol. First, just go straight along Jalan Padasuka, Bandung -where you will pass Saung Angklung Udjo. Just go along the road, I even took my time taking picture of every gate we'd been through to memorize it.

Too bad I didn't check my odometer so I couldn't calculate how far, but from an article here, the length between Jalan Padasuka - Bukit Moko is around 8 km. Before reaching Bukit Moko, we will find Caringin Tilu or Cartil with its stalls of roasted corn or toast bread (picture number 8), you may want to take some rest.

After passing Caringin Tilu you will notice that the road is getting worse, rocky and narrower. But it doesn't take any far we will see a sign directing to 'Cafe WD' or 'Cafe Warung Daweung'. Just a step ahead, walking through the road climbs.


So, this is Bukit Moko, the Warung Daweung itself. It feels homy and relaxing, but sadly when I went there the place wasn't maintained properly. What a waste!

The air is fresh and cold but yet still I can feel the warm of the sun light. We chose to sit inside the room instead being outside.

The price of food and drinks are affordable. Kezo goreng sosis. Kezo is actually 'nasi'/rice.
So we ordered Thonkseng and Kezo goreng special. Obviously, Thonkseng or tongseng is kind of beef stew. The taste was over all ordinary, not that bad, nor that good, weren't that impressing but okay.
Thonk seng
Kezo goreng special, has 2 eggs.
I didn't feel any necessary to stay bit longer inside so we decided to explore the view outside, and here you will see some of my photo-hunting results. Enjoy!
Other visitors. Feels like I could touch the sky.

Because I'm a flower addict

After all, I've been here.

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8 komentar

  1. Such a beautiful journey... captured so beautifulyl with your words and photos.

  2. wah keren, aku selama di bandung belum pernah kesini xD kapan-kapan mau kesini ah.. makasih sharingnya :)

  3. ijin bookmark ya... naksir sama lokasinya :D

  4. Hei,

    I really like your documentations during ur visit in Moko. I have a plan to visit Caringin Tilu the end of January, it's raining season though, I still hope can get beautiful sunset moment there.

    Thank you, nice post, anyway.
    You can visit my blog, lotta travel article using Bahasa Indonesia and English :)

  5. huwaaaaa flowers everywhere!

  6. Wow, it's so beautiful! I've never beeb here yet. Should be in my list, nih! :)


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