Shop Til Drop: Asiatique Riverfront, Thailand

by - Senin, Agustus 05, 2013

One thing I learned from travelling is always broaden your knowledge before leaving, if you can gain more information from the internet even before you reach your destination then simply do it rather than feeling lost for knowing nothing once you get there.

My last trip to Thailand taught me that. I was joining a tour at that time and it was obvious that I got the itinerary but yet how come I didn't feel the need to do browsing about each place I would visit, lol. As a result? I often missed the good parts and couldn't explore each place entirely. For example, The Asiatique Riverfront in Bangkok.

The Asiatique is famous for its fashion boutiques and culinary spots, it was good that I had the chance to visit it -but please, not on my first day in Bangkok, I prefer. Without any prior knowledge instead feeling tired from the three hours flight, just as expected I was completely blank, and too bad that I had just finished having dinner I felt so sleepy already. The seafood dishes were look so mouth-watering, but even the snacks couldn't shake me. So afterall I was thinking 'Shouldn't we suppose to take a rest first?', 'Why should I shop on my first day?' for the whole time.

And afterall, guess what?? I almost missed all of those cheap and fashionable stuffs! Of course I was walking around the whole area, I looked at every boutique, I entered each shop and checked -only checked the stuffs but ended without buying (well, only some) since I didn't know what standard price to compare, lack of reading references.

Gosh, all 200 Baht?? I was restricted myself for buying too much since the tourist guide suggested us there are more cheaper places to shop at. But The Asiatique has the most unique things of all!

Trust me, these fashionable clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories are hard to find anywhere outside The Asiatique! So my suggestion: believe in your heart. Feel interested toward something? Have no problem dealing with the price? Then just go for it otherwise you will regret -just like me.

The Asiatique Riverfront is extremely biggg!!! You can check the map on their website, anyway. But, another disappointment that my tourist guide only gave us 2 hours to explore this place and it's already night; Charoenkrung District- more than 1,000 boutiquesTown Square Districtan outdoor activity combining East and West cultures, Factory District, -more classy atmosphere, Waterfront District, -the area I haven't explored.

Even souvenirs which I found here were actually cheaper than other shops I visited afterward, what a big regret the way I didn't buy more gifts here, since those were also having special designs.

I hope I can visit and explore The Asiatique more if I have another chance to visit Bangkok, I'll shop to the fullest, til my last coin, til drop eventually! Mean it.

But if you want to suggest other place better than The Asiatique, you're very welcome!

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