Event: Fiesta Seafood With Sealicious, First Online Cooking Class.

by - Senin, Februari 24, 2014

Hey there everyone, especially who lives in Indonesia. Do you like cooking? Do you love experimenting and inventing new recipes? Do you have knowledge about cooking? Have you ever think about joining Masterchef Competition but found out that you just don’t really have the guts yet – or you just want to repeat the glory if you ever did it (lol). This is your chance! Keep reading, please.

Yes, because you must come on and join in “Fiesta Seafod present: Sealicious – The First Online Cooking Class”. Online cooking class? Ok, now you think of paying? Don’t worry, this is a free class for about 10 weeks where you’ll gain so many knowledge about cooking starting from the basic one (even a chance to win a trip to Singapore and cooking sets!).

On last Saturday on February 22, 2014, I got a free ticket worth IDR 30,000 to attend the promotion event about this online cooking class as a blogger and look who’s the guest star! It’s (again) Chef Arnold Poernomo. This event was also having a free cooking demo by Chef Arnold Poernomo, I was wondering what would he make. So, this was my second time attending an event from Fiesta seafood (this is my first time), and I was expecting a lot for this one. I was hoping to win many prizes; such as tupperware or perhaps another signed apron. I was fully charged my phone, in case they made a live tweet contest, what a nerve.

My ticket, worth for a goodie bag.
Well, the invitation said the event will start at 1 PM but once I got there (I asked for my boss permit so I can leave early), they hadn’t even started. In the end the MC opened it at 2 PM. Ah, he was the same MC just like the previous one. I simply recognized him by his gesture (Other blogger, Efi, even recognized that they hired the same photographer like last time, personal case alert, hahaha).

Fiesta Seafood MC who keeps moving while taken.
As usual, he didn’t directly start the cooking demo yet, but held a quiz. I regretted my act why I didn’t join it! The first quiz was to asked some people to go on stage and guess what, since this event is also supported by belowcepek.coma women fashion online shop who sells everything under IDR 100,000, they were challenged to enhance their current look by adding some stuffs from belowcepek booth. I want it too! And the winner got all the stuffs she has chosen (and wore) for herself. And not for so long, after some chit and chat, finally he invited Chef Arnold and we began the cooking demo.

Contestants were searching items at belowcepek booth
This time, he made Ebi Fry with Mantah Sauce. I wonder that Fiesta received our critics positively, since few times ago I’ve been called by Fiesta about their last event and asked for my opinion (and I believe other bloggers and visitors, too). I answered that despite Chef Arnold specialties cooking Western dishes, I would love him to show about cooking Indonesian dishes too. So here I watched him doing Indonesian dishes. Mantah Sauce or Chilli Mantah Sauce or Sambal Mantah in Indonesia is Balinese sambal served as a condiment for grilled fish and chicken.

It was easy to make it in the end, since you all need to chop all the ingredients and mix them all. Ha! Well, I think that was too easy! How come Chef Arnold didn’t perform a more challenging recipe?! Here the answer why, as Fiesta Seafood brand Ambassador, Chef Arnold was also there to promote Sealicious website and also wanted to share “How everyone can start cooking immediately”, “How cooking is easy”, “How cooking is pleasure and enjoyable”. That’s why he started with the basic recipe to boost motivation for people’s out there. He even explained lots of basic knowledge of cooking like: the type of knives, how to handle a knife correctly, how to chop faster, the diffferences of every oil, etc. And he was even cuter than last time by kindly answers all the questions given with no limit!

So lucky, got asked to chop the red onion by Chef Arnold!
Less than 30 minutes, the recipe has already done. I just can’t wait to taste it. Then, the MC invited Mrs. Anna Wibowo as Fiesta Seafood brand ambassador to explain the detail about Sealicious.

Sambal Mantah / Mantah Sauce by Chef Arnold Poernomo
So initially how to join is simply go to www.Fiestaseafood.com/sealicious and register with your social media account. The class will start at February 24th, 2014, it’s today!

People will then given with cooking materials (starting from the basic one) and have to enter the trivia quiz to challenge how far they have learnt. There will be 4 stages. The first stage is for people to register, get the knowledge and answer all the trivia quiz as fast as possible, just as correct as you can. The second stage, there will be 100 people with highest score chosen on this stage, where they will be given with further knowledge and challenged with trivia quiz, in addition they will have to submit their own original recipe too. Stage three is for 10 people with highest score, they will need to submit their own original cooking material/knowledge to be shared and also with cooking challenge. Last stage, only 5 people chosen to win a cooking trip to Singapore!

The MC and Ms. Anna Wibowo, Fiesta Seafood Brand Ambassador
Don’t you want to join it? You will also get the opportunity to meet Chef Arnold Poernomo as the main jury, Chef Winnie Giwangkara and Chef William Gozali during your ‘training’.

Thank you Fiesta to invite me on this event, now I got the goodie bag!

Fiesta Seafood Goodie Bag
Also I won an umbrella from a question: What product Fiesta Seafood that Chef Arnold used (in this cooking demo)? Ebi Fry!!!!!!!

My new umbrella from Fiesta Seafood
By the way, I also met other bloggers; Ummi Bindya and Efi (there were 10 bloggers invited but ended up with us three, what a waste). Ummi Bindya won an iron (so envy) and Miss Efi got the opportunity to taste Chef Arnold cooking! So what are you waiting for, let’s cook!

Surprise! Discount 25% for all Fiesta Seafood product at this booth!
Of course I'd love to join this online class, what about you?

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  1. Noniq, you had capture awesome picture from the event. Great! I forgot to plug my memory card into camera, so the quaity of mine is so poor. *sigh*

    1. Next time then :) can't wait for your report!

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  3. I love watching stuff like this! Looks like a lot of fun =)

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  4. Nice Article it provided me with essential information about online seafood.

  5. Thanks dear for sharing online cooking video here for us. I love watching videos and which I follow in my kitchen to cook something good. Well, Chef Arnold shared great recipes and I loved it. May be I can try it. All of pictures of the event that you shared are really nice.


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