Review: Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Spray for Damaged Hair

by - Kamis, Februari 20, 2014

Just while ago, I asked my bf's opinion whether he'd agree with me changing my haircut into a simple-fresh-short (bob) hair than my current-wavy-thick-damaged-dry long one. Well, as expected he replied, "I love your long hair,still. Guess you need to treat them better, I'll love it even more." I didn't mean to brag his sweet side, but in the end he really accompanied me to a supermarket browsing for hair vitamin (and other stuffs) after I desperately told him how I've been struggling to deal with my hair (and how he had to responsible for not letting me having short hair). Yes, I did all: coloring, smoothing, hair-drying  in the past- and the bad side is I don't always treat it frequently, and up until now, though I've changed the habit, the remaining is still there.

So there, I found the products in "new arrival" section around the hair treatment area: Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Spray. I fell in love immediately by its packaging, it's in spray form, watery, probably I won't be afraid to have my hands got sticky when applying vitamin and perhaps I can just use it anytime. 

It's written to have vitamin A, C, E + contain olive oil, claim to result perfect beauty hair including lighter feeling, and what's more is for damaged hair, wow! I need to try this, I exclaimed. 

The price was only ~IDR 27,000 (US$ 3.00) and I got a mirror as a bonus. lol.

So, it is said to be able:
1) Nourish and make your damaged hair become shiny, smooth and moist.
2) Resulting perfect beauty hair in one step without leaving sticky and oily feeling.

How to use? Okay, you probably need to know how to unlock the bottle pump perhaps, cause I was once having trouble like a dumb about how to pump it. So yes, you just have to switch it, and start spraying.

It's in water form, obviously and smells really good. It has floral scent that will attach on your hair once you apply it. And yes, it doesn't feel sticky and thanks God, I didn't have any problem up until now regarding : itchy, dry, dandruff, etc. Totally just fine.

All I know that this product originally comes from Japan. I was taking my time to also checking their Singapore websites but it looks like they have different packaging with Indonesia's version. I wonder.

Now you ask, how's my hair? 

It's been a month and unbelievable it's getting better. Less dry and damaged, still thick but it feels lighter. My mother also tried it for some times being and she does like the result, her hair grew faster, how amazing.

I will try to continue using it to check whether I will experience another significant result, since 1 bottle could probably last for 2-3 months. By the way, I bought it in Yogya Department Store Bandung, just in case.

See you!

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