by - Jumat, Februari 07, 2014

These months forward, can't find any better term to describe, but surely I'd be so busy. There will be piano competition on the next 3 months and how each of my student's parents are insisting me to let their kids participate. Well, to think that lately all my piano students reach the phase where they're just too lazy with music, I can't do much but always support them the best, instead teach, of course.

It's challenging though. I know this would be a great chance to re-motivate my children to appreciate music more and to let them explore some challenges beside the everyday-practice-piano-as-a-routine.

Well, I hope I can cope with that, moreover with an LV hanging on me. Lol. how come a woman doesn't have an LV (in Indonesia, they don't really care whether it's fake or authentic), but I certainly feel so proud about this one and ready to brag it. Gonna love this so much, it cheers me everyday.

My city reaches 28' C lately and that's hot!

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  1. Love your outfit! That LV looks fierce! Have a fabulous weekend :)



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