Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, When The Real Babe is Guarding The Tiger

by - Rabu, Februari 05, 2014

Another zoo report! Yay~ Hope you're not that fatigue to see more animals coming from me, since... I just can't sleep easily lately. You know, there's a song stuck in my brain and I just couldn't figure out what song was that, which artist who'd performed that, which album, and it's torturing. And it's more annoying when you know David Benoit is about to have a piano jazz clinic and not to mention the date until Java Jazz is counting down. And I'm here, certainly feel that I wouldn't be able to attend both of them.

So, I write about a zoo, instead. Do you think I simply vent my frustration on this post? Quiet close. Then keep on reading.

Located in Sri Racha, a city on the outskirts of Pattaya, Chonburi Province, Thailand. 60 miles from Bangkok, it's said to have the largest populations of tigers and crocodiles in the world.

My tour guide bought me the entrance ticket, so I couldn't precisely help you with the fee. All I remembered just the way we walked through the outdoor path which has mini garden along each side, decorated with various animal statues formed from bushes.


I was completely off with the route, I only followed the tour-guide even though if there was any chance, I would love to turn away and follow other direction signs (perhaps, someday). 

So, there we go, in an open air. Walked along the paving blocks, very clean with trash bins everywhere. There were several sets of rock chairs and tables for visitors resting.

Then, we entered a building where visitors can take pictures as if being intimate with tigers by milking them, with crocodiles, or with some birds. No, I didn't participate, sadly... Just, didn't have the guts.

Souvenirs shops are in every corner, so you won't miss any. They sold various of clothes, hats, purse, bags, with pretty average range of prices (though some of them can be bought outside with cheaper prices).

What caught my intention the most was how come that mommy pig is breastfeeding the baby tiger?! Maybe in the future, there will be a sequel movie of 'Babe', when the pig is no longer guarding the sheeps but tigers. Ouch.

Soon after that, I already had found myself strolling along the blocks filled with common things I would always see in a proper zoo; camels, goats, of course, package of crocodiles and elephants, various kinds of birds, dolphins. There were so many attractions here! I would love to see each of them if my tour guide didn't limit our time for only 2 hours being inside, so can't be helped, I really had to use it properly.

So, I only watched the extreme tiger attraction!

And crocodiles!

I thought I would also go for elephant, but unfortunately they were in a bad mood, all of them.

 So I just send my greet for them, anyway.

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